Oct 15, 2012

Reeeeeaaal Mature

dress: thrifted and revived   sweater: OASAP, you can use code oasap-com for 20% off (buy it here)  tights: Target   shoes: F21   clutch: OASAP (buy it here)

There's one thing that you should know about me. I am a child. To be more specific I'm about a twelve year old child, trapped in an adults body. And to convince you of the literal meaning of this I must tell you some things.

1. When I had a crush on a boy I found a giant leaf and gave it to him as a token of my undying love. This was not the act of a 12 year old...this was the act of a 20 year old, and I legitimately thought it would be romantic. Note to all 20 year olds, it's not cute, just kiss the boy instead. Thank me later boys.

2. I wore two different shoes to school because I COULD NOT find a matching pair to save my life. One was a converse and one was a ballet flat. I was 22. Hey at least I had a left and a right shoe...or at least I think I did.

3. Sometimes I think about the best possible thing that could happen to me at this very moment and it is ALWAYS the cool aid man bursting through my bedroom wall as I'm eating gushers and listening to Backstreet Boys and he says. "OH YEAH!" Oh yeah is right man!

4. If I could wear a onesie nightgown without Matt disowning me. You bet your bottom dollar I'd be in it every night!

5. Last week I was at the store with my mom and I saw a stuffed animal Lamb Chops and I gasped, "Mom will you buy this for my unborn child? WHO AM I KIDDING JUST BUY IT FOR ME!!"

Need I go on?


  1. I feel ya girl.... haha


  2. Haha I love the second one, to cute! This is how I feel someways as well:)

  3. Love this outfit! It's okay, I'm 29 and still want stuffed animals. I may own a few pillow pets? Did I say that out loud? lol xoxo

  4. Great outfit; the yellow tights are unexpected but WORK!



  5. they have a similar sweater dress that looks like your sweater at old navy! you look great in it :)


  6. hahhaha! You kill me. :)

    And you look adorable!! LOVE this outfit! One of my favorite for sure!

  7. lol what a funny post and a super cute outfit!

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. I have seriously become addicted to your blog since I found it. I've gone through tons of the archives to look at previous outfits. Maybe I sound a little creepy? Needless to say, I am your newest follower.

  9. cute :)

  10. Hi Sarah! Love your style! You really know how to use colours and work your look! Keep at girl!
    looking forward to the next outfit! By the way, there's nothing wrong with being a bit crazy!

    Zoe xxx

  11. You're adorable, both inside (re: post text) and outside (re: post pictures). Being a 12 year old child forever is one of the best things you can be. When I grow up, I want to be not a grown up.

  12. Sarah,

    You are probably THEE coolest person that I know (well, know through blog.) I was listening to BSB while reading this post - I kid you not! It was a perfect moment - well, if almost perfect. I would need Gushers to make it really perfect.

    Also, I had a Lamb Chop from the "Tooth Fairy" when I was younger. I was obsessed with that character as a child.

    Love your outfit also, hon! That skirt/dress is fabulous!


  13. Hahahahahaha.... You're so funny!!!! =))))))))

  14. That's awesome(;


  15. I wear a onesie every night during the winter. Dan tried to disown me, but it didn't work. Love the outfit!

  16. hahaha I can't stop laughing, you are hilarious. Especially #3, that slayed me. Cute outfit too!

  17. you are so funny! & I love this outfit-- the color combo works so well.
    Oh, My

  18. You are too funny! I had a onesie once, but then I got too tall for it, what a shame!


  19. I completely understand. I will yell "BUTTERFLY!" every time I see one. Also, have you seen Dane Cook's skit about the Kool Aid Guy? "Oh yeah? OH NO. You clean up this wall before my dad gets home." It's fantastic.