Oct 21, 2012

Under Your Spell

Fall completely has me under its spell. I find myself acting a bit funny with this weather around me all the time. Sometimes in the morning when I step out the door, I'll breathe, just really slowly breath and let the season completely fill my lungs. I find myself constantly thinking about soup, and hot chocolate, and how I need to make homemade marshmallows to make my hot chocolate even better. And then I get into these long debates in my head about could ever be better than crisp air filling my lungs as I'm wrapped in a chunky sweater and my fingers are tightly pressing around a warm cup of hot chocolate with ooey gooey marshmallows melting as I just breathe that crisp air and wear my chunky sweater and drink that hot chocolate....oh have I already mentioned all of those things. I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me....this season just has me acting a bit funny that's all.


  1. ahh chunky sweaters and hot chocolate. The. Best.


  2. That last picture is magical.



  3. You pictures are beautiful!! Fall is the best :)


  4. How do yuo take such awesome pictures? Mine always end up so blah. Your post has me homesick for weather I never get to enjoy; in Texas we go from summer to winter, never any fall.


  5. Gorgeous!! I posted my fall pictures last week. :) That last picture is breathtaking!

  6. I am SO with you! I've always heard people talking about Fall and thought, 'yeah! it's great..." but THIS year, it's really, really hit me. I can't get enough. I love the chill. The puddles. The grey. The cider. The soups. The layers.... Ohhhhhh man.

  7. These shots are just gorgeous! And it's true, nothings better than breathing in that cold crisp air, with the far off distant smell of fireplaces burning. LOVE IT!!!
    Now hurry up Christmas ;)
    xo TJ