Nov 28, 2012

DIY Moisturizing Toner

Gentri and I got together last week, and first of all can I just talk about how real and awesome this girl is. She is one of my favorite bloggers, she’s so authentic and really just the sweetest. Anyways, Gentri is a licensed esthetician and so we got together to come up with some homemade holiday skincare recipes for you guys (and by we I mean she came up with the recipes and I just slapped them on my face). This homemade toner is super easy to make (guys it took us like two minutes, and that was because we couldn’t get the lid off of the rose water) and the mint is so refreshing, I would even use this throughout the day whenever your face needs a little bit of moisture.
To make this toner you'll need:
- water
- witch hazel
- rose water
- fresh mint


  1. I love your ideas:)
    will try it:)
    kisses from Milano

  2. whoop whoop! I love it. :) The pictures turned out fantastic! And I totally used the toner as perfume before I went on tv yesterday... hahaha!
    And thank you so so much for those kind words! That means so much to me. :) You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers, and I'm pretty sure I've told you one hundred times.

  3. can't wait to try this! visiting from miss gentri lee's follower :)