Nov 29, 2012

Nutella Smeared Bumpers and Crazy Faces

maxi skirt: Nordstrom   sweater: VJ Style    necklace: DIY
So remember that time, like you know, a few days ago when I hit a deer and my glorious new car that I bought last year was smashed to smithereeeeeens and I cried like a baby. Well you are going to need to sit down for this one. So the other day I’m at work, and I get a call from Matt and he sounds a little worried.
Sir Matt: “So ummm, while I was parked on campus today, my car totally got rear ended, and the driver just took off and didn’t leave a note or anything.” 
….. my head was about to pop off like one of those Barbies that’s had its hair tugged and pulled on by a snotty nosed two year old one too many times. Guys, I was fuming. 
Me: “ Ummm, okay. Well is it bad?”
Sir Matt: “Well there’s a crack in the bumper now, and there’s definitely some streaks of color on the back of the car….and a dent.”
“ Okay….I’ll call you back.” 
Guys. I was PEEEIIIIIISSSSSSED. That’s two cars, two cars hit, in the time span of one week. Two of the only two cars that we own. Both of them. Dos. And I was doubly PEEEIIIIIISSSSSSED because our car was hit on the campus of a religious university…. one full of tens of thousands of Christians…. you know one that should be filled with nice good doing people. Good doing people that just hit cars and run. Soooooo cute.
Ten minutes later I get a call from Matt. 
Sir Matt: “ Hey good news, someone saw the guy that hit our car and wrote down his license plate number so the cops are getting all of the information to us so that the guys insurance can take care of it.”
Me: “Oh… well that’s better!” 
Another ten minutes after that I got this text. 
Sir Matt - So you are not going to believe this, the guy that hit our car just sent me a text and said this “Hey man so sorry I hit your car, looks like I owe you a plate of your favorite treats.” 
I just. I just cannot make this crap up.  
I’m sorry, but 1. You hit a person’s car and run  2. You get caught and don’t even acknowledge that fact that you tried to flee the scene of an accident that you caused. 3. You offer as restitution a plate of my very favorite treats?????  
Well let’s hope that treat is a hundred jars of Nutella that I can sell on the black market for moolah, because smearing Nutella all over the bumper of my car just isn’t going to cut it….perhaps smearing Nutella on my face could solve the majority of the problem, but I digress.


  1. you are hilarious. that is all.
    oh, and I love that sweater to death.

  2. how inconsiderate of hit-n-runner! SUE HIM!

  3. Oh my god, that is a craaazy story!! People are so ridiculous sometimes, "I'm caught, but maybe if I pretend it didn't happen it'll go away" yiiikes!
    On the upside i love this outfit, that sweater is absolutely beautiful

  4. That is awful! I hope you get the info for the guy that hit Matt's car. I love your outfit. The sweater is gorgeous.
    Almost Endearing

  5. wow how do you do it that you always have sunset so beautiful:)!!
    kisses from Milano


    People never cease to amaze me. Chin up though, everyone is safe. And you look beautiful.


  7. Gaaaaaaaaaah! So mad at that guy right now!

  8. One time my husband's car to hit and the guy did the ol' hit and run. Well someone else saw and wrote a note with the kind of car and the plate. The cops said that didn't count. Said the guy who left the note could have made it up so they wouldn't follow through with anything.

    Another time (a few years earlier and a different car), a guy did the ol' side swipe and run but our neighbor saw and chased down the car and got the plate #. The cops came. As we were talking to the cops another guy/kid comes up and says "that person hit my car too" and we walk to go see the car and it was the guy who did the hit and run. He was trying to say someone else side swiped his car. The cop didn't let on that it was the plate number my neighbor wrote down and was asking questions. It was quite funny. But still messed up. The 20 yr old said he left his keys in the car and didn't drive it so he only got a ticket (or nothing) for leaving keys in a car not for hit and run. I could go on and on. These stories were quite funny. Perhaps I should make a post on my blog.

  9. What a joke! I'm just curious as to what your husband texted back...

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  11. Geeze, how annoying for you!!!! I love that sweater by the way, it looks so cozy! :)


  12. I have the utmost sympathy. Love for you lady! Hey can you help me find a nightstand that's approximately '30 inches tall and not very deep maybe 15 inches max? I just want something steady that is good quality and I'm willing to redo it? Text me 801-712-4443 Thanks lady, I'm hoping your thrifting ways will help! -Melissa

  13. People get crazy this time of year. I can actually sense the change in my daily commute. Just glad no one was hurt. :)

  14. WOWWWWWWWWW. Seriously, people. SERIOUSLY? What the heck is wrong with people. Answer: they are stupid. Urgh, I would be so pissed too. Hope that your week gets 10,000 X better chickidee.


  15. Oh my gosh! I swear this was September for us when my car got broken into and Eric ran into a pole. Feel for ya lady. But I can't believe that guy! So thankful someone wrote down his info, that's just so ridiculous!
    xo TJ

  16. I know you aren't laughing...but that is just too funny! What an idiot!

  17. And I'm sorry to hear that you've had such bad luck with accidents. Hope he pays up!!

  18. YIKES! Car troubles you didn't even cause but nonetheless have to get sorted out have to be my LEAST FAVORITE category of modern day adult peevances. And "treats" better equal "body work on car"'s a cracked bumper for goodness sake!

    That said, the sweater in your outfit above is actually inspiring jealousy pains. Stay strong! Hope it works out for the best with your hit-and-run-cookie-offerer.

  19. Wow! Can't say I've ever heard a story quite like that. I hope you were able to get insurance info after all to get the repairs done. How awful!

    p.s. Love your blog. I'm new here but gotta say your background is one of the cutest I've ever seen! I'm now following! :)

  20. sounds like the behavior of the un-insured. hopefully not.