Nov 5, 2012

On Telling Bank Teller's

jacket: thrifted          scarf: f21          dress: Anthropologie        shoes: boots         tights: target

The other day I went to the bank, and how nice is it that there are drive-throughs for us lazy people? So considerate!! So on this particular day I opted for the drive through because I was talking to Matt. But here’s the thing, talking to Matt’s and bank tellers at the same time can be confusing….and really awkward. It went something like this.

Sarah to Matt:  Yeah that was fun last night
Bank Teller to Sarah: Hi how can I help you.
Sarah to Matt: Oh hold on honey
Bank Teller to Sarah: Okay no problem I’m here when you’re ready
Sarah to Bank Teller: Oh sorry not you, yeah I just want to deposit a check.
Bank Teller to Sarah: Oh are you talking to me now?
Sarah to Bank Teller: Yeah, I’m sending the check now.
Sarah to Matt: Okay sorry about that, anyways what was I saying?
Bank Teller to Sarah: What’s that?
Sarah to Bank Teller: Oh sorry I’m just talking to my husband.
Bank Teller to Sarah: Oh, okay here’s your deposit receipt.
Sarah to Matt: Hey honey I better go
Matt to Sarah: OK love you bye
Sarah to Matt: Love you too honey, bye!
Bank Teller to Sarah: Oh no thank you honey, bye!

… what just happened, because I’m pretty sure I professed my love to a bank teller???


  1. Hehe!! I ADORE your blog posts! they are so hilarious! I'm sure the bank teller thought you were the sweetest customer in the world!

  2. haha thanks for a lovely chuckle on a tuesday morning! love your outfit!

  3. Haha to funny! I love your outfit! You have great style and this is one of my favorite outfit you have worn. Perfect for the cold weather too!
    Almost Endearing

  4. I love the combination of mustard and red, so fun and bright!! The denim jacket really anchors the whole look, it's great.
    And that conversation between you the teller and your husband is so funny. i hate when stuff like that happens!!

  5. Haha, great post. And cute outfit. Love your boots!


    Little giveaway on my blog this week :-)

  6. love these fall colors! :)

  7. hahaha that is one of the greatest things i have ever heard!

  8. Hahahah love awkward hilarious moments and your cute outfit!

  9. Ha ha, awesome conversation with a bank teller!!

    Cutest fall outfit!

  10. This is the best outfit I have ever seen. You are DARLING!!! I love your style! Shine on (:

  11. hahah that is hilarious. I always feel awkward when I am on the phone but I am at the store or something... I don't want to hang up but it is just awkward!

    and my heavens... that outfit? You are so adorable. LOVE IT!

  12. Hahaha, love this! Making a note to myself, never go through the bank drive-through. ha
    xo TJ

  13. Girl, you are always getting yourself in the most cray cray situations. :) Which is a good thing, because I love hearing your stories.

    Also, that red dress looks fab-u-lous on you. :)