Jan 30, 2013

Weak Sauce

coat: Target    scarf: f21    leggings:  Apricot Lane     sweater: H&M (recent)   boots: thrifted   bag: thrifted

I hadn't worn leggings in three days and kind of had a breakdown. Like what are these pants that button and restrict me...I just can't deal. The snow storms have been non stop for the past week and so we've just holed up in our apartment and played "How long can we survive without leaving the apartment?!" It's day three and I think we might die if I don't go grocery shopping tomorrow. Weak sauce, but if I don't get yogurt and granola and fresh fruits and veggies someone willt pay!!!

Jan 29, 2013

Long Live Lamb Chops

Shirt: thrifted (f21)    sweater: F21    scarf: No Two Fish    jeans: thrifted   boots: target   bag: thrifted

This tiny little human and I hung out yesterday like chums. She's two, and I have the maturity of a two year old so it actually worked out really well....well aside from the fact that she's jealous that I don't poop my pants anymore. So anyways, yesterday we're hanging out watching us some cartoons and she freaks out when she sees this cartoon called Bubble Guppies, one thing led to another and after about four episodes I deduced that it's about mermaids that go on adventures under the sea (me so smart.). But you see this show, even though it's under the sea, the sea has a sky...and gravity....and airplanes....and there's no swimming involved at all. and I thought to myself, "WHAT AN ABOMINATION!!! WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR CARTOONS." Well it got worse, then the mermaids started rapping and one I swear has the voice of Rihanna. I changed the channel as fast as I could and told my miniature friend that I would pay for any therapy that she needs later in life. Guys, when did cartoons become so pathetic?? Where are the days of Arthur and Lamb Chops (long live Lamb Chops!!!) and Mister Rogers. I feel like that world has been robbed of its purity!!

The Bachelor: Week 4

      1. How many episodes have started with a topless Sean? Oh that’s right. every.single.one. They brought the shirtlessness to a new level though, this time we got the treat of seeing Sean in his briefs from an awkward floor camera angle.At least we’ll never have to wonder boxers or briefs right?

2. Tierra is one of those girls that looks a hot mess without makeup. Hot mess.
I think the Bachelor house was painted in the 90’s, the forest green and lemon yellow just isn’t doing anyone any favors.

3. “All that people see when they see me is a beautiful face” “Can you handle all 110 lbs of me baby.” Oh you just had to slip your weight in that comment didn’t you Selma. We know you’re a tiny and hot you don’t have to be one of the girl that TALKS about how she’s hot and tiny, then you really are just a pretty face.

4. Selma lays on Sean like a needy cat. She just rubs her head all over his chest as then looks up at him like she’s ready for a good rub down.

5. “Of course he took the Iraqi to the dessert.”  Okay, that was funny. Maybe I like this Selma.

6. We got to watch Sean stare at Selma’s butt for the entire climb up the mountain. Of course we’re all, “Oh how chivalrous for letting Selma go first!” Yeah right, he just wanted to stare at her butt for an hour without anyone judging.

7. Selma is too traditional to kiss Sean on the first date, but she’s definitely not shy to air their relationship on national tv. What a concept!

8. I’m sorry but it was just so cruel to make Sarah play roller derby, how did we think this was going to turn out?? Of course she doesn’t have great balance, she has one arm and she’s simultaneously being pushed by other girls on roller skates. Cruel ABC.

9. I might have shed a tear when AshLee was being Sarah’s cheerleader. I know her name is ridiculous, but I really like her.

10. BAAAHHAAAAA  Amanda was so cocky about the fact that she was the best at roller derby, and then of course she’s the one that takes the spill. Oh how that haughty have so far to fall. I replayed that part where one second she’s bragging about threatening the girls with her mad skills and then the next she’s face down on the floor. Yeah I replayed it about six times.

11. The girls just couldn’t handle the roller derby….and so they reverted to the seventh grade and had a free skate!! We’re all winners on The Bachelor!!

12. “I just don’t like drama!!” –says every girl that loves drama. Watch out Sean, Tierra is cray cray! She totally manipulated him to get a rose.

13. Leslie’s signature saying is, “Holy moly batman.” Oh crap, any girl that still has coin sayings in their 30’s is one sandwich short of a picnic if you know what I’m sayin’

14. What celebrity does Leslie remind me of….I just can’t put my finger on it??
Here is all of your free stuff pretty woman, now can you pay for dinner by giving us a show!

15. Oh poor poor Leslie, being dumped is one thing but having to simultaneously give back 120 carat diamond necklace… that’s just too much for any woman to handle.

16. “Do you want this chocolate….or this chocolate” And the absolute worst line of the night goes to Robyn.

17. And broken jaw gets the boot! Thank goodness, now I don’t have to watch all of her poor wardrobe and lipstick choices!

Jan 27, 2013

:: Sperry Giveaway ::

I'm a huge Sperry fan and have been so excited about this weeks giveaway for you guys, okay more just like jealous of this weeks giveaway. One of my lovely sponsors Emily from Tales for Karina Marie is offering one of my lovely readers a pair of Sperry Top-Sider Bliss Flats in their style of choice. The styles are black leather, black glitter, huckleberry glitter, gold glitter or leopard pony. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

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The winner will be announced next Monday! Good luck everyone!

Jan 25, 2013

Does This Tie Make Me Look Fat??

dress: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)     coat: Anthropologie       tights: Target      shoes: F21

There is a serious crisis over at the McCammon house. Get this. Matt is convinced that he needs to lose weight and that he's "chubby". Have you seen Sir Matt, you know the husband one, he's 6'2" and roughly the size of a thin man, yes that's about right, the size of a really thin man. So he's wandering around the house now saying things like, "Man I really need to cut back on the gummy bears!" and "I need to start working out so I can get my figure back." and occasionally when we're out with friends he'll decline a dessert and I'll say," He's watching his figure." to which our friends will start hysterically laughing and I'll just say, "No, but really." People.. I keep warning him that if he keeps this act up that he's vulnerable to being punched by women at any moment in time....and that the woman that punches him will probably be me. Amen.

Jan 24, 2013


blouse: thrifted (J Crew)   necklace: thrifted   pants: H&M  coat: Target   shoes: F21

What more could a girl want outside of a mustard damask trench coat. I mean really Target you have outdone yourself this time.

Jan 23, 2013

The Bachelor: Can Someone Hit The Snooze Button

You guys, how dare I not post my Bachelor review the day after the show! I’m despicable, but seriously that episode was boring even though the bachelor did EVERYTHING and I mean everything they could to try and fool us that it was interesting. But well whether or not we like to wax our wustache’s (woman mustache’s) it still has to happen anyways right. So let’s do this thing.
            - We had the pleasure of watching two awkward blondes kiss for THREE AND A HALF minutes. I thought they would be cutting between the kiss, and perhaps a commentary about Chris Harrison’s awful vest but NO. We had to watch the whole.dang.thing. And by whole dang thing I mean awkward girl laughing the entire kiss and Sean man handling awkward girls butt. It was not pretty people. Of course afterwards awkward girl confessed, “That was one of the most romantic thing’s I’ve ever done.” WOAH. Hold up. I’ve seen more romance between a piece of bread and a duck, you people need a reality check.
n         -  Oh the group date. The second I saw all of the girls wearing matching sponsored bikini’s I knew it was about to get cray cray up in there. Of course they make the girls compete in beach volleyball so that A) Sean could watch them flop around the sand in bikini’s and so that B) We could watch a game that is so terrible that even ABC’s edited clips couldn’t fool us, not a soul ever even got the ball over the dang net! My favorite part of course was when America’s Next Top Model starts crying because she, “Worked so hard to win. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR.” If anything not going on the second half of the date has only helped to save her from Sean realizing she’s a nut job, am I right or am I right??
      - I was NOT expecting Kacie B. to go crazy girl on Sean, but I mean she did start wearing shirts for dresses back in episode one so we knew something was a little bit awry from day one didn’t we. Kacie B made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and you could tell it was a total ploy on her part to just make other girls look bad. Her basic argument consisted of, “Two girls in the house don’t like each other, so you can see that this is really hard for me, and that obviously I needed to tell you about it.” NO KACIE B. THIS IS THE KISS OF DEATH!!!! We’ve seen this time and time again, and now you just look like the crazy girl of the house. I declare you sentenced to the crazy girl friend zone for life! There’s just no coming back from that ladies.
      - Tierra (I am still depressed that we’re both from Colorado by the way), was I on crazy pills or did NO ONE ELSE see her fall down the stairs at all. All I saw was a clip of her laying on the stairs one second, then being carried on a gurney in a neck brace the next, oh and then one second later she just takes off the neck brace, sits up an walks away saying, “I’m fine, I’m fine” something smells of stinky fish to me, and we all know none of you girls are cooking in the kitchen! I just don’t buy it.
          - Ashleeeeeeee is sweet, the date was sweet and really not memorable to me. There’s no spark between them. The end.
       - Guys Kacie B. is gone, I was so not expecting that. You got me ABC, you got me. But other than that the whole episode was a snoozer. America’s Next Top Model and a girl I’ve never seen before went home, and we were all left wondering why we spent two hours watching this mess while sawing our teeth to nubbins would have been way more enjoyable.

Here’s to a hopefully more entertaining week next week!!

Jan 21, 2013

The Date Is Over If.......

pants: Ebay (7 for All Manking)      t-shirt: H&M      jacket: c/o Romwe     headband: f21     shoes: TJ Maxx (Michael Kors)

The other day I heard this segment on the radio that had people call in and say that they know the date is over if.... most people were calling in and saying, "If he's wearing cut off shorts!" "If he's wearing a fanny pack." (please people, that's when you know the date is just beginning!) But I have to say that it's different when you're married, it's trickier to tell when the date is over. Oh but it happens. For example, if your wife starts talking about how she's just moody because she's PMSing....the date is over. If your husband tells you he wishes he was listening to the football game....the date is over. You get the gist.

So the other night Matt and I go to get treats, because we're just those type of junkies, and before we leave I say, "Hang on I want to go put on my stretchy pants!".....the date was over.  Then when we're out picking out treats I ask Matt if he wants to share a treat and he says, "No way, get your own, I got all three of these things for me!"....the date was over.

Please please tell me that this happens to you guys too. One minute we're trying to have a fun night out on the town, and the next I'm in stretchy pants and we're gorging on Girl Scout ice cream while Matt's yelling, "Just one more episode of Lost, PUHLEEEEEAAASE!!!"

It happens.

Speaking of girl scouts. They came. They went. And I have 4 lovely boxes heading to my doorstep in a  couple of weeks. Happy Valentines Day to me!

Jan 17, 2013

Wanderers Row

coat: thrifted (J Crew)    hat: gifted    sweater: Target    blouse: thrifted (GAP)    leggings: Apricot Lane    boots: Itasca

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in the thrift store handbook, that as the women pillage and plunder through piles of clothes, that the men will all gravitate to the furniture section. I like to call this gazer row, because you see, the men they will sit on this furniture that is lined up as far as the eye can see and as you walk by they'll follow you with their squinty man eyes, ALL THE WAY DOWN THE AISLE. They'll turn and exchange glances with the other men as if to say, "Get a load of this hoarder!" and then when you turn to look at them, they'll just pat the arms of the chair they're sitting in like they're focusing real hard and pondering whether their chair is sturdy enough for them. Yes, wanderers row I call it. So today, I'm at the thrift store, and I really want to get to the suitcase section, which of course, in order to do so I must walk straight by wanderers row, and as I walked by there they were, about 7 men all sitting next to each other in grandma Lazy Boy's, you know the velvet ones that leave lines all over your face when you accidentally take a snoozer at your grandma's house. Yeah those ones. So they're all just sitting there gazing, and I thought to myself, "Sarah, what if you just stop and then just stare right back at 'em! Yeah that'll really show them!" So without even thinking about it, I stopped mid step, turned to gazers row, and stared right back. Well my friends, it was the most awkward staring contest that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. After about fifteen seconds one of the men just said, "Hello??" to which I just triumphantly turned and kept walking towards my beloved 70's suitcases. Sarah: 1 Gazers: 0. Until next time my sleepy looking dwellers. Until next time.

Jan 15, 2013

The Bachelor Week Two: Stink Eyes and Poorly Worn Lipstick

That's a stink eye if I've ever seen one

-Woah. Helicopter, sky scraper jump all in one date! So glad that Sean is making up for the coma that Emily put us through last season. I’m sensing a hot tub coming in the near future!!

- Okay, this is risky territory here, but I don’t like Sarah. I mean I like me but I don’t like the one armed Sarah….okay that came out wrong. I don’t like the fact that she isn’t confident in her own skin, she just looks like a little puppy waiting for Sean to tell her what to do. And does anyone else get the sense that she’s sleep talking with her eyes open in all of the interviews. And also also, if she says “Oh my gosh” in that valley girl speak one more time I might have to free fall off of a sky scraper less the harness and champagne at the end. And the “I think I’m falling in love with him!” after spending one date with him? Wandering puppy you guys, helpless wandering puppy.

- ABC please stop making Sarah talk about the fact that she only has one arm. WE GET IT.

- Sean, “I consider myself….well I am a man.” Is there some type of gender situation we need to know about here? We never questioned that you were a man Sean….well until now that is.

-Congratulations Kristy, because you are a model you can model better than people who aren’t models! Such an accomplishment, was it just me or did this episode just turn into America’s Next Top Model, “You’ll win a three cover contract with Harlequin novels!!!!” and Kristy literally throws her hands in the air and starts screaming. Really girl, you just won yourself a poorly lit trashy picture on a poorly written trashy novel, please for the sake of my sanity sound a LITTLE BIT less excited.

- Lesley and Sean’s awkward chat time. Cringe worthy, “So get a load of this house right?!” “Yeah.” I about died when she goes back to him later that night and says, “ I just needed to give you something.” And then awkwardly kisses him and says “You’re welcome for that.” Glad to see we’re keeping these relationships at the 13 year old level here.

- Was it just me or was Kacie B. sentenced to the friend zone? I mean after Kacie B. tells Sean that she liked him he talks about her being here “being a big adjustment” and then just sits there in awkward silence. I love the girl, but he’s going to keep her around long enough for her to get nominated as The Bachelorette and then send her packing.

- The vegan “loves the beef”. Too.many.jokes.can’t. function. You dirty little vegan you.

-Katie (referred to by muah as “the hair” throughout the entire episode) was sweet, and you could tell she was clearly awkwarded out by the whole situation of being on the show. Hopefully she’ll be returning to a less humid state where her hair can recover from its current state of birds nest meets sweaty tourist.

- I REALLY like Desiree. She was way down to earth and you could tell that her and Sean definitely have an ease about them when they’re together (aka I did not want to puke while I was watching them talk). The only thing I don’t like is that Desiree didn’t punch Sean in the face after that stupid prank. First we’re on America’s Next Top Model and then Punk’d…..you need to chill the freak out ABC.

- Amanda (reffered to by muah as “the teeth” throughout the episode), can we talk about her yellow dress that she stole from Tyra Banks. There we talked about it. She can give a serious stink eye, I’m glad she’s staying, she’ll keep it interesting next week, and also hopefully wear a cone bra dress too!

- Someone needs to have a seminar on how to wear lipstick up in there. These girls are a mess, a clown faced mess!!!

- Guys, wedding dress is way too desperate. Every time she’s with Sean she throws herself at him and is always hanging on his neck. It just grosses me out, but Sean is loving it because well, Sean "considers himself a man", and therefore needs women throwing themselves at him. Okay maybe I'm just being all judgy judgy because she wore the same dress for the rose ceremony that I wore to my middle school preference.

- Kacie B’s job description says “Ben Season”. What a tragic thing to be known for, “Oh you know that Bachelor that looked like Francine Frensky from Arthur, yeah that’s how I got here.”

-I am so glad that Robyn brought up the whole race thing, because we were all wondering if Sean likes white, milk or dark chocolate weren’t we?! Of course he was so eloquent and politically correct, “I’m looking for my best friend!” Just say it Sean, black and white isn’t just the perfect combination in fashion is it???

I'm thinking the Des and wedding dress will be in the final two....and also that I should start wearing a center part. Your thoughts please?!

Jan 14, 2013

Let Me Spoil A Movie For You Mkay

 jacket: thrifted    blouse: f21    leggings: Apricot Lane    boots: thrifted
This time I managed to disguise my leggings with pretty flowers on them, please tell me you're proud of me. I'm verging on homelessness here. So this weekend Matt and I spent oh ya know the whole weekend on Netflix, and we got a little desperate and somehow ended up watching The Forgotten. SPOILER ALERT!! All of the children get sucked up into space by aliens!! I KNOW! But we were desperate. So anyways, Sunday Matt and I are sitting in church, and there's this freakishly adorable baby staring at us for an entire hour, and I see Matt smiling and giggling and waving to the baby. Truth be told, it was probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen Matt do. So I'm peeking in on the cute moment with the baby giggling and waving and Matt waving back when Matt leans over to me and says, " I just keep picturing all of these babies getting sucked up into space and then I can't stop laughing." Of course it had to be too good to be true!!! The one time Matt pays attention to babies he's thinking about them getting sucked up into space.  For heavens sake, throw this baby hungry girl a bone here!!!

Jan 11, 2013

Sour Patches and a Shop Update

 dress: target   blouse: in the shop here    hat: gifted   tights: target   shoes: F21   bag: thrifted

Guys ONCE this week I got out of my leggings. As far as addictions go don't they say baby steps? Yeah that's what they say. So pretty much I deserve a reward for being so disciplined right?! And it is Friday so I'm thinking perhaps a good old trip to the movies where Matt and I sit on a bench and guess which awkward couples are on their first dates, and then cringe as they talk about what color toothbrush they own and how, "Oh my heck no way I have five siblings too!". Yeah you know, we don't go to the movies to GO to the movies. We go to watch the dwellers of Provo and eat sour patch kids until the roof of our mouths are raw. It's the little things that make a marriage work, some use roses, but we just use sour patch kids and acne ridden youngsters.

Oh ALSO! I've updated the shop with lots more vintage goodies and shop my closet items so go check it out here! This beauty is my absolute favorite vintage find of the year, if only I was a size teensy, oh the woes of a vintage hunter.

Jan 9, 2013

I Know I Know

coat: Target    flannel: c/o Romwe    scarf: No Two Fish (buy it here)   t-shirt: Apricot Lane   leggings:Apricot Lane:   boots: thrifted    socks: gifted

Leggings. Again. Who am I? But let me tell you, I just does not get any comfier than this. School starts next week, ahhhh can you believe it?! It's finally here!! I'll be starting a Fashion Design and Merchandising program in Salt Lake. After graduating last year there was just no thought in my mind about going back to school anytime soon. But this just feels so right for me, and it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time now and seeing it actually happening just has me through the roof. So I guess I better get all of my stretchy pant wearing out of the way now, because I have a feeling that it's just not going to fly at school:)

Jan 8, 2013

The Bachelor: Let This Mess Begin

-I have found the perfect analogy to exactly what The Bachelor is to the world. Are you ready? The Bachelor is EXACTLY like women waxing their wustaches (woman mustache) it’s awkward, it’s definitely going to hurt a lottle, throughout the ordeal you will probably have to wince and close one eye to keep from crying, by all costs you must keep the world from knowing that you do this at all. But in the end, it’s just a necessity of life, something that just has to happen.

- I CANNOT deal with all of the stupid gimmicks that the girls put Sean through when they first meet. Let’s see, someone showed up in a wedding dress and then after she left said, “Ah man I really hope he got that.”, some girl dressed head to toe in my nieces bedazzle kit did back hand stands to get to Sean and then promptly fell on her head before she even got through the second back hand stand. Don’t believe me?

- Want to know what my meet Sean gimmick would be?? I would dye my skin oompa loompa orange and then tell him someone finally had to trump his fake tan. And then I’d lure him away from all of the other women with a bottle of my super-secret homemade self-tanner. How ya like me now Sean!!!

-Oh and lets not forget the total creepo who literally pulled a tie out of her cleavage and said that she wanted to get all 50 shades of Grey crazy with Sean.

-Okay 50 shades of Grey needs a whole other bullet point by itself, don’t you think. 1. She pulled a tie out of her boobs. 2. She pulled a tie out of her boobs! 2. She proceeded to get completely wasted and dirty dance with the wall. 3. After she had been kicked off, that crazy face just kept dancing. I actually kind of wish they would have kept her around so that she could have kept it interesting for a while.

-How much money do you think they paid Kacey B to come back and stir the pot a little? And while we’re on the subject of Kacey B, she must have eaten a gust of wind before she came to the cocktail party because that girl looks sickly. I’m sorry but that’s just not attractive. Too thin Kaycie B, WAY TOO THIN, I’m talking when you were 15 lbs heavier you looked anorexic! Come over to my house and I’ll teach how to eat Nutella like a champ! I’ll have you in tip top shape in no time!

- Did anyone else know about Nikki Minaj wanting to find love on the Bachelor?! You guys, doppleganger, well doppleganger minus the fact that she doesn’t move her top lip at all when she talks.

- Was it just me, or did ABC smear approximately 20 lbs of foundation all over Sean’s face?

- The amount of extensions that I wanted to simultaneously rip out/give back to all the Barbie dolls in this world/ tie in the longest Repunzel  french braid of my life was REDUNKULOUS!

- I always pictured Sean as one of those dating white supremecists, he just seems like he’d pick the typical blonde hair blue eyed big boob girl, but the man proved me wrong! He sent home most of the Barbie dolls and kept some interracial folks up in that hizzle. I may have clicked my heels and yelled viva la Mexico for that one (you know minus the fact that there weren’t any Hispanic girls in the running this time)!

- The wedding dress girl just had to take it 70 steps too far didn’t she. I mean first she shows up to meet him in a wedding dress, which is plenty of crazy for me. But then she comes back for a first dance drunk as a skunk. Sean looked like his great grandma was asking him for a kiss, he dodged that girl like Indie dodges the po po.But I guess Sean was into it because he kept her, and from what I could see from the previews it looks like she goes pretty far!

What did you guys think of the first episode?! I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty entertaining season full of a bounty of awkwardness and screaming, no famine for us this year girls!

Jan 7, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have To Party

This year my family came into town to celebrate the New Year so of course we had to throw a themed New Year's party. I mean it was practically mandatory since the world didn't end in 2012 and whatever. So the 1920's it was! We had a murder mystery dinner, a fancy three course meal and of course bubble gum cigars and air soft guns, once again necessity, you understand. What did you all do to ring in the new year?!