Jan 29, 2013

Long Live Lamb Chops

Shirt: thrifted (f21)    sweater: F21    scarf: No Two Fish    jeans: thrifted   boots: target   bag: thrifted

This tiny little human and I hung out yesterday like chums. She's two, and I have the maturity of a two year old so it actually worked out really well....well aside from the fact that she's jealous that I don't poop my pants anymore. So anyways, yesterday we're hanging out watching us some cartoons and she freaks out when she sees this cartoon called Bubble Guppies, one thing led to another and after about four episodes I deduced that it's about mermaids that go on adventures under the sea (me so smart.). But you see this show, even though it's under the sea, the sea has a sky...and gravity....and airplanes....and there's no swimming involved at all. and I thought to myself, "WHAT AN ABOMINATION!!! WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR CARTOONS." Well it got worse, then the mermaids started rapping and one I swear has the voice of Rihanna. I changed the channel as fast as I could and told my miniature friend that I would pay for any therapy that she needs later in life. Guys, when did cartoons become so pathetic?? Where are the days of Arthur and Lamb Chops (long live Lamb Chops!!!) and Mister Rogers. I feel like that world has been robbed of its purity!!


  1. wait, this show sounds terrible.
    its kind of freaking me out just thinking about it. not kidding.
    love your outfit. so cute in the snow!


  2. I still like the Flintstones ! Wilma !



  3. okay snow the snow in these pictures just looks absolutely gorgeous!! who takes your pictures btw? husband? he's very good :)
    also, i can't believe the tv shows kids watch these days. they suck. maybe im just biased because i thought that the cartoons in my day were bomb haha but seriously, weird shows nowadays

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  4. I don't watch TV anymore because I want to cry at the horrors called "cartoons" that I see.

  5. I've seen the show!!! It's crazy! I would love to ban tv from my babies life, but then he won't know what the h the other kids at school are talking about!

  6. I am wearing pretty much this same exact outfit sitting at my desk at work! You look super cute and cozy and especially love the pop of red lipstick against the snow! Lamb chops play along! Euereka's Castle... the list of amazing kid shoes while we were little could go on and on!
    Stay warm :)
    xo Hannah

  7. Preach! The kid shows on tv these days are SO BAD. My husby and I have already decided we're just going to buy dvd's of all the awesome old shows we used to watch and subject our future children to watching only those. They may hate us for it, but they'll turn out way cooler than the poor souls who grow up watching the absolute nonsense that is "Bubble Guppies." Seriously.

  8. Love this look, especially the scarf!! You look like a snow bunny!!


  9. That is awful! I haven't watched cartoons in forever but that sounds bad. I love your outfit. The colors are great and the snow is so pretty.
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  10. you have very good taste and style. i like colour of your lips. but it's so cold why u haven't jacket???

  11. awesome colors :)
    love this outfit

  12. dudette, i loooooved arthur!
    this outfit looks so cozy

    xo the egg out west.

  13. "Charley horse! Don't slam the... door." Aww man, I miss Lamb Chop! That was one awesome show... is it bad that when my friend showed me a clip on youtube I nearly cried? Such happy memories of playing with playdoh and watching hushpuppy, lamb chop and friends... and I so wanted a sweater collection like Mr Rogers... :)
    I agree, modern chidren's TV shows just don't have the same amazingness to them... if any TV people are reading this... bring back the good shows, mmkay??

    Loved the post - thanks for reminding me of such childhood awesomeness! :)

  14. cartoons are not the same anymore lol. i love this whole look! i kinda wish i snagged those boots from target

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  15. Lamb Chop is THE BOMB. I loved her as a wee one. I remember when I lost my first tooth, the tooth fairy sent me a Lamb Chop stuff animal along with a dollar. That stuffed animal and I were tight, let me tell you what.

    Also, these pictures in the snow are gorgeous! That scarf looks so insanely comfortable!


  16. I was just thinking this! I spent a laundry day watching Animaniacs, and I was like, why aren't cartoons this great anymore? I mean they had a Les Miseranimals episode and everything! And the music . . . ah, man.

  17. Lamb Chop, Mr. Rogers and Eureka's Castle were my lives!!!
    xo TJ

  18. Oh my gosh, for real!! I feel this way ALL THE TIME!! I teach art classes and assist in an elementary school. Did you know that kids now do something called "brain gym" where they have to work on hand, eye coordination, because they don't do simple things like draw anymore??!! Every two year old should be scribbling on pieces of paper and on mommy's kitchen table and couch, but instead, they're watching cartoons and video games! Isn't that sad!? The cartoons they watch aren't even good like Mr Rogers anymore!!