Jan 7, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have To Party

This year my family came into town to celebrate the New Year so of course we had to throw a themed New Year's party. I mean it was practically mandatory since the world didn't end in 2012 and whatever. So the 1920's it was! We had a murder mystery dinner, a fancy three course meal and of course bubble gum cigars and air soft guns, once again necessity, you understand. What did you all do to ring in the new year?!


  1. I love murder mystery dinners! They're fantastic! I also hung out with my family for New Years. :)


  2. These are such gangsta pictures, I love them! :D


  3. Ah this is the sweetest idea ever. That dress is just perfect, where did you get? This post is making me excited for Great Gatsby to come out.

    I definitely didn't ring in the New Year as good as you did. I believe I spent the night watching Justin Bieber on TV and the ball drop. with my parents. in my pajamas. ha I'm such a loser, oh well maybe next year I'll do something as exciting as this.

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks like you guys had such a blast! I love the theme idea - wish that my siblings would get into cool party themes like this; lame boats.

    My New Year's was spent in Hershey, listening to Boys Like Girls with my roomie wearing homemade sparkle crowns and waiting for the Kiss drop. :)


  5. Wow. You seriously have the BEST family and the most charmed life... I know you don't post the bad stuff on here but still, you always seem to have such fun adventures and times filled with laughter. As this New Year starts, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing and sharing and crafting and being awesome.

  6. In the last photo, I thought you were pretending to smoke a J, and then I realized what everyone else was doing. Haha... I'm dumb.

  7. I am literally dying from the cuteness that is this. Happy new year!:)