Jan 11, 2013

Sour Patches and a Shop Update

 dress: target   blouse: in the shop here    hat: gifted   tights: target   shoes: F21   bag: thrifted

Guys ONCE this week I got out of my leggings. As far as addictions go don't they say baby steps? Yeah that's what they say. So pretty much I deserve a reward for being so disciplined right?! And it is Friday so I'm thinking perhaps a good old trip to the movies where Matt and I sit on a bench and guess which awkward couples are on their first dates, and then cringe as they talk about what color toothbrush they own and how, "Oh my heck no way I have five siblings too!". Yeah you know, we don't go to the movies to GO to the movies. We go to watch the dwellers of Provo and eat sour patch kids until the roof of our mouths are raw. It's the little things that make a marriage work, some use roses, but we just use sour patch kids and acne ridden youngsters.

Oh ALSO! I've updated the shop with lots more vintage goodies and shop my closet items so go check it out here! This beauty is my absolute favorite vintage find of the year, if only I was a size teensy, oh the woes of a vintage hunter.


  1. You look SOOOOO darling! I love this look! I especially love your red tights w/mustard shoes. Great colors.

  2. You look great! Love the tights!


  3. so awesome. and yes, you deserve an award.

    and your hat. so cute.

  4. so cute and you are too funny!

  5. Ooo you look so cute! hahaha i love that comment about dating and Provo. So perfect and true. Uh you are also a master at transforming everything. I need that dress.

  6. cute, love your hair :)

  7. OMG your hat is so adorable! Ha ha you guys and your funny movie dates. Teenagers on first dates are so fun to watch. Young love ;-)

  8. Oh gosh, first dates are the worst. I'm meeting up with a guy that I'm interested in for coffee tomorrow. Don't think it is a date, but who knows? Last week we ended up talking about the Bachelor. Should I be concerned? I hope I shouldn't be concerned. Oh gosh.

    Anywho, I love your dress, especially paired with that adorable shirt!


  9. stop being the cutest thing ever :)
    and oh provo..one of the best places to people watch :P

  10. love the idea of a blouse under a dress to make it more appropriate for work or for colder temps!

  11. I am always a fan of all of your outfits but I really dig this one! xoxo

  12. How very cute! You're a little snow bunny.