Jan 21, 2013

The Date Is Over If.......

pants: Ebay (7 for All Manking)      t-shirt: H&M      jacket: c/o Romwe     headband: f21     shoes: TJ Maxx (Michael Kors)

The other day I heard this segment on the radio that had people call in and say that they know the date is over if.... most people were calling in and saying, "If he's wearing cut off shorts!" "If he's wearing a fanny pack." (please people, that's when you know the date is just beginning!) But I have to say that it's different when you're married, it's trickier to tell when the date is over. Oh but it happens. For example, if your wife starts talking about how she's just moody because she's PMSing....the date is over. If your husband tells you he wishes he was listening to the football game....the date is over. You get the gist.

So the other night Matt and I go to get treats, because we're just those type of junkies, and before we leave I say, "Hang on I want to go put on my stretchy pants!".....the date was over.  Then when we're out picking out treats I ask Matt if he wants to share a treat and he says, "No way, get your own, I got all three of these things for me!"....the date was over.

Please please tell me that this happens to you guys too. One minute we're trying to have a fun night out on the town, and the next I'm in stretchy pants and we're gorging on Girl Scout ice cream while Matt's yelling, "Just one more episode of Lost, PUHLEEEEEAAASE!!!"

It happens.

Speaking of girl scouts. They came. They went. And I have 4 lovely boxes heading to my doorstep in a  couple of weeks. Happy Valentines Day to me!


  1. Greatest post ever. All of these so true! I am always saying "I think I wanna put my leggings on or my yoga pants on" before we go anywhere. haha!


  2. I like your pants and jacket SO much. Also, the date is over when the guy comments on how expensive the menu is.

  3. Hahahahahaha i love it. great colors on you btw

  4. Cute post. You always make me smile.

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  5. Dates. Ugh.

    Dates for me are always over before they begin. I like being single too much. I've given up on trying to date for now.

    Also...Girl Scout Cookies NEED to appear in my life soon.

    That is all.

    (YOUR OUTFIT IS AMAZING. The colors. Yes.)

  6. hahhaa yes this always happens to me and my husband!!!
    we're on some lovely date and then ill see him contemplating on something so i ask him whats on his mind. and then he says "oh just thinking about the project that i have to finish by tomorrow." aaaand the date was over. or sometimes i'll say something like, "idk, im just tired." and the dates over again.

    btw we're watching Lost too!! :)
    what season are you on? we're on the final season. FINALLY!!!
    we're kinda Lost junkies. we started watching it in like idk... october or something? and we're already at the last season haha
    ps. i totally love those times my husband and I are just cuddling in bed watching lost. sounds like an awesome date to me :)

    The DayLee Journal

  7. hahahah! that's hilarious! my fiance and i have dates that end the same way and others we try really hard lol! i can't wait to order my traditional 3 boxes of thin mints soon hahah!

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. Yeah, we basically ruin dates all of the time too haha.

    Example: I'll be in the middle of the story and I think Devin is really listening when I realize the TV with the sports is behind my head. OR when someone is talking about something serious and the cell phone pops out.

  9. In Australia we have girl guides and brownies (the younger version of girl guides). They sell cookies and I don't know if they are anything like what you guys have but they are amazing!!! They are hard to find though so a couple of months ago when I saw a lady out sold coles selling cookies I had to buy all she had left for me, my mum and sister. We love them!

  10. at sammy's two days ago-
    me: "I'm super thirsty, do they have water in here?"
    husband: "ya there's a pitcher on the counter behind us. you can fill up a cup for us both."
    and the date is over.
    (although it was also over before it begun seeing that i never changed out of my work out clothes)

  11. Married.
    At a restaurant ordering dinner, I say: "I'm not really that hungry, I'm just eating so I can drink more later" The date was over.

  12. If only it were acceptable to say how many times I put on my stretchy pants. It gets embarrassing, haha. Loved this post!
    xo TJ

  13. Well these things are all good to know, but I need to get to 'the date' part. Gosh, my college is like a breading ground for undateable boys... *sigh* Which is why I end up eating an absurd amount of Girl Scout Cookies and watching a rom com on V-day weekend. Oh well - worse nights have been had!

    I love your headband! So adorable. :)


  14. Okay this is so weird because my fiance and I were talking about when the date was over and I said when they ordered the garlic bomb on the menu, and he said when she started texting.