Mar 26, 2013

Crazy Crazy Crazy

blouse: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)   skirt: thrifted     shoes: Restricted

I haven't washed my hair in four days, I'm still smack dab in the middle of midterms and I keep waking up in cold sweats because my dog won't stop turning into a purple sheep in my dreams. You can guess how I'm feeling can't you?

"I know you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be....whelmed??"Name that movie! Go!

I can't wait to show you guys my project, but it may just perhaps be in a fashion show in April so for now I have to keep it a secret, but believe me, you will be the first ones to see know whenever you can see it. For now I'll just remain up to my eyeballs in fashion sketches and fabric samples. For any of those that want to send a helpless girl some girl scout cookies, now would be a pretty dang good time.


  1. 10 Things I Hate About You

  2. girl naomi got it.
    i love that movie.
    "you see i like my sketchers, but i love my prada backpack."
    "but i love my sketchers"
    "thats because you don't have a prada backpack..."

    sorry its just the best.


  3. What a gorgeous outfit. I love the bold color palette.

  4. looking pretty :)

  5. "I want to hear you upbeat!" "We're screwed!"

    I legitimately just watched that movie this weekend with my husband from inside a blanket fort.

    also i'm impressed with your mad hair skills. I can go without washing it for three days, but that third day is top knot or bust. it would be a terrifying sight if I tried to wear it down. kudos.

  6. I just bought at pleated red skirt at a thrift store today, but yours is pretty darn cute. Makes me excited for all the possible outfits I'll make with it. :) That movie is the best. I haven't seen it in so long. I'll have to remedy that. Ah Heath... Good luck on your finals! Can't wait to see your designs! :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures lady, you look incredible!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  8. Love this skirt and that blouse! Button ups are staples for me!

  9. I love the primary colors in this outfit - fun yet sophisticated!

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  10. Such a classic look. And I love those shoes!!