Mar 21, 2013

To Sheep or Not to Sheep

 jumper: thrifted          blouse:  c/o Romwe   (buy it here)          tights: Kohl's           shoes: JC Penney 

Guys, spring is officially here!! The chicks are hatching, and fluffy sheep are being born....


I just remembered the dream I had last night.

I wanted Indie to look like a sheep, so I dyed her purple and then she turned into Lamb Chops.

I bet I had that dream because last night for about two hours I was googling where to buy miniature sheep. Okay okay let me explain. 

So this Indian of mine, she's an Aussie, born and bred to herd sheep. But the Indian has no sheep to herd, it's tragic really, so instead she herds people (aka me and every human in this world) and I just started thinking to myself about how great it would be if the Indian had a miniature sheep to herd so her life calling could be fulfilled!

Guys. Turns out they exist. Either that or I'm super gullible and totally about to fall for a scam.

So to sheep or not to sheep???!!! It's been googled so it must be true!


  1. Oh, I hope it's true! Baby lambs are the cutest ever. But, I'm worried that this whole mini-sheep thing is like the mini-giraffe thing. Did you ever see those "pocket giraffes"? They were amazing... and not real despite the fact that I watched the live webcam for hours. The webcam is down now but you can see a video here. (shows up at 0:49)

    I still say believe in the sheep! The Internet doesn't lie.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  2. these are BEAUTIFUL. love the cuffs :) what nationality are you?!? you're stunning!!

  3. Did you find mini sheep? Soooooo cute, love your poses and leg flick:)

  4. pretty sure that is just a sheep figurine...sorry

  5. haha that little sheep is cute haha. I love the jumper omg so jealous! you look gorge!

  6. I vote sheep! Haha. That's so funny that India herds people. I want to see this in action! And I love your outfit!

  7. cute outfits!

    xo josephine

  8. I love the gold cuffs on that top - no need to wear bracelets!

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  9. Sarah, you're adorable and my most favorite blogger ever! But please don't fall for "miniature" sheep. They don't exist... Sorry :(

  10. Love this dress its awesome!


  11. I wanted a mini pig, once, too. But they were just babies. :( They grow up to be big anyway. And they're smelly.

  12. CUTE JUMPER! I am in love <3 <3 <3. Love your blog/style!

    Xo. Nicole

  13. Ha, I have NO idea if they really exist or not. But if they do I guess we've both been scammed ;)
    xo TJ