Apr 19, 2013

5 Things

blouse: thrifted (JCrew)   dress worn as skirt: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)  tights: Kohl's  jacket: Romwe  shoes: Hmmmm good question

1. This week Matt learned that  french fries are bad for you. Literally he said, "Well fries are made of potatoes so I figured they really weren't unhealthy." If only we could all have the mentality of a skinny Matt

2. One of my sister's calls this week started with, "Do you have any suggestions of how I can dispose of a squirrels body?" No conversation can go downhill from there.

3. Matt learned how to talk like Jay-Z from this video and every time he'd walk in the door he'd go, "Jay-Z HA HA!" Also if you need a good laugh this will cheer you up.

4. This week I came up with a design for moto pants that I thought they would turn out AHHHH-mazing. Instead they just looked like saggy granny jeans and I walked around in them yelling "Sonny make me some pants!"

5. Matt mooned me last night, and after he did it  he ran away yelling, "Cheek peek!!"

So how was your week?


  1. I'm not a fashion blogger or anything, but I read your posts everyday because you are flat out hilarious and I love the way you dress. I just wanted you to know that I quoted your Sir Matt. I told my husband, "I could use a little cheek peek right about nah!" He was speechless...

  2. Lol to "cheek peek." (aaahhhh-hahahah)
    The french fry story reminds me of that part in the Scott Pilgrim movie where he's told that bread makes you fat. Oh boys.

  3. Isn't it terrible boys can eat ANYTHING?! Girls, not so much! I've always had to watch what I eat and I still struggle with keeping myself at a healthy size-my younger brother is a stick and all he eats are pop tarts and junk! ;)
    Cute outfit! I admire pattern mixers so much! I've tried before, it just looks like I don't know how to dress myself! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Haha, sounds like you had an interesting week. I love the gingham/floral pairing in your outfit!

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  5. Hilarious. I love this post. your outfit is a-to-the dorable.Yup.:)

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  7. @Marci LeBaron Watson Oh my gosh Matt would be SO proud to know that you quoted one of his random sayings. Love it:)

  8. Loving the mixed prints and textures in this outfit!


  9. Ha, that last one! I'm dying!!!!! Too funny!
    xo TJ

  10. I love the dress! I'm so glad I now own it.... muhahahaha. :)