Apr 30, 2013

How To Lose Your Mojo To A Homeless Man

dress: c/o Beautifully Modest buy it here (use code WEARINGITONMYSLEEVES for $10 off your purchase any time in May!)      cardigan: F21      shoes: Target      collar: F21

This dress has been on serious repeat since it's been getting warmer. In fact the other day I was picked up by a homeless man in this dress....no but really. I was in between class taking a lunch break and this guy without a shirt on toting around a full trash bag came up to me and said, "Hey sweetie how ya doin?" Here's the thing about being hit on when you're married, it doesn't hurt your self esteem to know that you're still attractive to the world. It just doesn't. Sometimes we all need the reassurance that we've still got it. However, when it's a homeless man that forgot to put a shirt on this morning, and has a wink that looks like a serious tick, it definitely does not enhance your self esteem that's for sure. Anyways we sat there him trying to get me to tell him where I lived, while I explained over and over again that I was married and that I wasn't going to tell him where I lived. Then some cops noticed I was super uncomfortable came over and moseyed around me and said homeless man got a bit spooked and just winked his twitchy wink and said, "Catch'ya round sweetie". To which I shuddered. I've lost it guys, that day was the day that my mojo officially died.


  1. Absolutely love this dress!
    Thanks for introducing me to Beautifully Modest. I don't always dress modestly, but it is nice to know there are nice dresses out there for the times you want to be modest.

  2. Gah, LOVE that dress and the way you styled it. I hear ya on the being married but still not minding a compliment for the 'ol self-esteem. I get my compliments typically from men who are obviously on drugs or just really creepy in general, so I feel your pain. ;)


  3. I once thought a guy was hitting on me, and was basking in the glory of still having "it" despite being married. Finally, I said: "You're a dear, but alas, I'm happily married" and then he laughed at me, because apparently he wasn't so much trying to pick me up. THAT was the day I lost my mojo!
    I love the play of the colours with this outfit!

  4. you look so adorable!


  5. LOVE that dress! The stripes are awesome! Bold and coral, what could be better?


  6. Haha, That story is amazing. If it makes you feel better, only old men hit on me since I dyed my hair red. They LOVE them so ginger!

  7. Yay, we're dress twins! I have the same one! :)
    xo TJ

  8. What a gorgeous fun dress. The collar is so pretty too.

  9. That dress is just so cute! I also really love your hair - so pretty!

    Also, that is really creepy! I can't believe that a cop had to come over!


  10. another super cute look. love that striped dress.

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl