Apr 23, 2013

I Love The Crazies

dress: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)         blouse: Forever 21      necklace: Romwe       shoes: Forever 21       lipstick: Nars Red Lizard

So all semester I've been taking this class where I've been learning how to make patterns for specific bodies. It's pretty dang cool actually. So for the class I use myself as my ginnie pig. I make patterns for myself and then construct the clothes, I mean I'll never complain about new custom clothes ya know! But by far the best part of the class is my cray cray Aussie teacher. I've compiled a list of a few of my favorite things that she's done this semester. And I shall never ever forget them because life without a crazy Australian teacher just isn't a life at all.

1. Every time she walks buy me she smacks me on the butt while saying in her amazing aussie accent, "Well hello there dear!"
2. She's seen me in my skivies one too many times while fitting my clothes and always says, "Did you know that you carry all your weight in your middle?" If she wasn't 85 and adorable I'd have punched her.
3. She refuses to talk about measurements in inches and centimeters only milimeters, the true Aussie way!
4. When I ask her a questions that she thinks it's stupid she'll hit me on the butt and say, "Do you even read?!"
5. Her bottle cap glasses that are at least a half inch thick are pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Guys. What will I do when I have a teacher that isn't constantly thwacking me on the butt and insulting me??? I love her so.


  1. I had her! I love Signe! And you should ask her where she's from cause she isn't Aussie :). Loved that class! And loved her comments all the time!

  2. Oh, and love your blog too! I didn't comment the other day but for sure your revival files are my fav's! Keep them coming! If you want to :).

  3. Haha, that is fantastic. Everyone needs a good character in their lives!

  4. Hahahaha! Would love to experience a teacher like that.


  5. I love this! I have a shirt really similar to that one and I've never thought about wearing it under a dress.. Thanks for the idea!
    I so wanted those shoes all winter but they never had my size in the store :/

    <3 Danielle

  6. I always loved my most eccentric professors the best. I'm a year out of college and I still love them! They make learning fun, for sure!

  7. I stumbled across your blog about a week ago and it's my new favorite :) love your style and funny stories!

  8. Love your outfit!
    That necklace matches your sleeves perfectly!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  9. Loving this dress, a lot!


  10. @The Cat Lady Ahh thank you and welcome to the land of awkward stories!!!

  11. @Emily Oh my gosh now way, finally someone that knows how dang awesome she is!! I have to ask, did your clothes in that class turn out good?!

  12. @Emily Thanks Emily, that's definitely something I'm keeping around!

  13. @Danielle Smiley I was lucky and got these shoes both in mustard and mint right when they were putting them out, otherwise I'm sure they would've been impossible to find.

  14. that is so great. seriously soo funny.
    Australasian teacher.
    and i need to take that class.
    i want clothes to fit me.

    also where did you take these pictures, its just the cutest place?


  15. Love this outfit! Your make-up is beautiful!

  16. very chic dress!!

  17. Uh she seems like the greatest woman alive!

  18. @SarahWell.... my first item was a skirt. It turned out pretty cute! I then tried getting all adventurous and my next two projects I never even finished all the way. HOWEVER, ever since that class I use my body draft all. the. time! I mostly use it for dresses but I find it worked really well! I only took a few classes there at the fashion school and I have to say hers was the hardest and my favorite! Mostly becuase of her and also because it was the only pattern drafting class I took. Hope your stuff turns out fabulous!

  19. Sarah, my first project was a skirt and it turned out great! My next two I never 100% finished but they were pretty good considering. They were done enough for the requirements of the class but I never actually used the items. (I did use wal-mart bargain table fabric for them though.) And they worked but weren't exactly what I had envisioned because I was still learning to get ideas from my head into the design.I have to say though I just took a few classes from the fashion program and that was my only pattern drafting class and it was 4 years ago and I still use it ALL. THE. TIME! Seriously! I practiced a couple times after that class and figured things out and now whenever I decide to make a new dress I pull out my body draft and go to town. And it works and they fit really well. I just loved this post! I kept thinking about all my memories of Signe! Oh such good memories!

  20. This is just so adorable! I can't believe you have such a crazy teacher - if she wasn't 85 it wouldn't be as cute, I guess. :)

    I love your dress, so adorable!


  21. What a great outfit, It is amazing how you worked that leathery dress into something so dainty.

    "I've been learning how to make patterns for specific bodies"
    Do you think you could share some tips about what patterns are better for certain bodies?
    I ask because I have a small upper body but a pretty cushy butt, so I'm always unsure what fits will be most flattering.

    Thank you!

  22. @Kirsten WiemerI took them over off of 800 n and Geneva in provo!

  23. @Teresa LeVasseur I absolutely could, that's a great idea!

  24. Your teacher sound awesome. I had a nice teacher from Australia once, she taught creative writing. And her classes was the funnest classes EVER.

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  25. it was so great to hear about your grope-loving teaching in person. thanks for being so kind to me tonight at the lime ricki party! you are awesome.

  26. @Natalie you two were the cutest. It really was so fun talking with you!

  27. So happy I discovered your blog! I'm pretty much obsessed with everything about this look!

  28. aww you look so pretty! I love your polka dot blouse and how you paired it with that beautiful leather dress... amazing!

    Drawing Dreaming

  29. Ha, no way! Loving this teacher right about now!! ;)
    And good thing she is 85, otherwise I would have punched her too!!
    xo TJ