Apr 29, 2013

This Weekend I

Definitely did not plant a garden...next weekend perhaps?? But I did kind of have the perfect weekend other than the fact that I didn't accomplish a single thing that I wanted to get done, but lazy weekends are really just the best aren't they? 
^^ Found the perfect swimsuit and gave the Indian a much needed hair cut

 ^^ Went on a bike ride with Sir Matt and stayed in the back so that I could check out his butt without looking like a creeper.
 ^^ Ate the most delicious strawberry shortcake...and went back for seconds
 ^^ Spotted spring
 ^^ He's kind of the cutest
^^ I love being minutes away from places like this. Can you spot the little baby cows?!!


  1. that looks like the perfect weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend! It's so sad that they're only 2 days long!


  3. Fun! I love riding behind my man too. We shot clay pigeons this weekend. It was my first time shooting a shotgun. I shot 8 out of 25. Sounds horrible, but all the old men that worked there said it was pretty good. My favorite part though was that I got to wear shorts and a tee shirt.

  4. a perfect, lazy, do what you want, kind of weekend.

  5. Perfect weekend I say now go plant that garden!

  6. @Dani
    Why does planting a garden seem so dang intimidating to me??!! I can do this...maybe perhaps an herb garden. Does that count?

  7. @Lauren Your weekend sounds way more exciting than mine!!! 8 out of 25 is amazing in my books, I went shooting once and gave up, I WAS TERRIBLE!!