Apr 16, 2013

Those Tiny Humans Called Babies

blouse: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)  t-shirt: Forever 21   Jeans: H&M  shoes: Call It Spring

Matt and I talk about babies A LOT. We're always watching people and thinking, "Do you think we'd ever do that?" The other day Matt babysat (but I assure you did not sit on the baby) and afterward we were talking about it and we realized that we kind of know absolutely nothing when it comes to small miniature humans.

Sir Matt: "So is it normal that it took me thirty minutes to change a babies diaper. That's about average right?"

Me: "Are you for real...it took you thirty minutes?"

Sir Matt: "Well I couldn't figure out which way the diaper went and then the baby just kept running away. I'm just lucky she didn't pee everywhere with all the running she did."

Me: "RIGHT THOUGH!!! IT IS SO HARD TO TELL WHICH WAY DIAPERS GO!! I mean the cartoons are all the way around the front and the back! One time I was changing a babies diaper and I couldn't figure it out so I literally started asking the baby which way the diaper went. I mean I was so frustrated that I started asking infants for advice! The baby couldn't even talk yet!"

Sir Matt: "Is there such a thing as diapers that are pre-labeled FRONT and BACK? Because we MUST buy them."

Me: "I don't think so, but I'm pretty sure your idea just made us millions!"

Guys. Clueless. Am I right or am I right?


  1. Haha I love this! I have some fantastic pictures of my husband holding our nephew for the first time (it was the first time he ever held a baby). He was like how the heck do I hold this thing!


  2. The first time I held my oldest daughter I realized..."I've never held a baby." Freaking out occurred immediately.

    That was 2007. My daughter is now almost 6. I also have another little girl who is 4.

    Who knew you didn't have to be "qualified" to do this whole parenting thing.

  3. Cute outfit!
    I'll tell you a secret: I'm the middle child of five and I've never changed a diaper! I mean, I know HOW, just never done it! I actually didn't know that they had stuff on the front AND back, usually it's just the front!
    Too funny!
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  4. Hahaha I'm sure I would do the same thing!

  5. Love those pants!


  6. Yep guys can definitely be clueless and these are the cutest pants. I want.
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  7. Oh man your babies would be the funniest alive!

  8. Haha, I was visiting my baby cousin recently and realized...I know nothing about babies or how to interact with them.

    Love the jeans!

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  9. I just found your blog today, and i love your style, and your stories, too! My husband also are rather perplexed by the idea of babies at the moment...though I would know how to diaper them. I didn't have six younger siblings for nothing.... :P