Apr 8, 2013

To Kill A Cacti

pants: ASOS          shirt: Target         shoes: Urban Outfitters        jacket: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)

Guys, I have the opposite of a green thumb, I have a red thumb....a red thumb of murder. See I kill plants at a ridiculous rate. It's sad really, so to solve the problem I went out and I bought me some cactus...es...cacti, and I was like ha take that mother nature, there's NO WAY I could possibly kill this, it doesn't need water so suck it!!! So I planted all of my cacti's and they sat there all dry like. Well weeks went by, and they just looked like they were starving, it was just sad really. So I watered them, and then I gave myself a pat on the back because me watering plants is kind of amazing. So the next day I go to check on my little cacti's and they all look like little deflated saggy balloons. I mean they are COMPLETELY DEAD.  So I plunged into a dark pit of despair, because I mean really who is terrible enough with plants that they can kill a cactus?? And I vowed never to own a plant again. EVER... and then I changed my mind today when I saw all of the little buds blossoming in all of their glory.

So if there are any of you green thumbing gardening goons out there, is there a plant that no matter what you do to it, it could not possibly be killed by the likes of me? You know, besides a plastic one. Because spring is in the air and I just need to get my garden on.


  1. Bamboo holds up really well! My mom stopped taking care of her bamboo plant and it just wouldn't die. Just put a tray filled with water underneath the pot.

    Also, if you want to grow veggies I recommend green onions and sorrel (a lemony lettuce). I just bought green onions from the store, cut off the white bottoms and stuck it in the dirt. I cut them off, eat them, and they grow back. I abused them by leaving them out all winter and they just kept growing! Sorrel is a kind of lettuce that grows back every year BUT I found out that even if you leave them all winter long and don't touch them at all, they will continue to grow - even through the snow.

    Good luck, Red Thumb!

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  2. I wish I had a green thumb!!!! I kills plants too, I feel awful about it, LOL!!

    LOVE YOUR pants and jacket...fabulous!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  3. Ha! I say I have a black thumb because I kill my plants. I think my problem is that I love them too much AKA I overwater them. Not sure on what plant you could get. I love your peach shoes. They are perfection.

  4. Oh your poor cacti! Practice makes perfect? I love your outfit, I need blue pants like those in my life :)

  5. Love those blue pants!


  6. Aww love this, especially those shoes! way too cute. :)


  7. Cute outfit! Love your shoes and the color of your pants! Adorable!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. I'm OBSESSED with your heels! So cute!

  9. I know, what gives?!? I kill succulents all the time. Shouldn't those be super easy too? I guess we are just hopeless ;)
    xo TJ

  10. that jacket is killer. you look hot in all your pics, even your squatting acid wash jeans post. that's all.

  11. My first roommate in college bought me a cactus once. We named it Charlie. And then it died the same tragic death as your cacti.

    Currently, I do have a little palm tree that I've managed to keep alive for a couple of years! It's just a little one that I got in a gift shop in Florida. The package it came in said I only needed to water it every couple of weeks, so I thought I could handle it. Although now that I look over at it, it could probably use some water...

  12. You can always try an air plant :) They are darling and when you think about it you dip them in a glass of water and you are done. I'm kinda obsessed with them right now :)

  13. creeping charlie is the house plant that can't be killed. seriously, if you can't remember to water more then once every 2-3 weeks, fine. if you over water him, still fine. Just make sure you pot in a larger container because in one season it will grow quite large.


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