Jun 27, 2013

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

I always want to try and pull off the boyfriend style jeans but for girls with curves if you don't find the right pair they can make you look well.....huge. But not to worry I found a solution which also happens to be super cheap so ya know it's just awesome and whatever. I figured out that boot cut jeans hug your thighs to make them look smaller but will allow you to do the cute roll and will be baggy on your calves. Here's what I did to get the look.
For this DIY you'll need:
An old pair of boot cut jeans (I got mine at the thrift store)
A pair of scissors
A pair of tweezers
 1. ^^^To distress your jeans take a pair of scissors and cut a horizontal line wherever you want the distressing to be.
 2. ^^^^ Then cut another line in between the two horizontal lines.
 3. ^^^^^ Take your tweezers and pull the blue vertical threads out of the jeans.
 4. ^^^^^ Do this until only the white horizontal threads are exposed. Continue to do this distressing anywhere else on the jeans that you like. And if you're feeling real spicy rip holes in the knees! Don't forget to tightly roll up the bottom of your jeans!

Jun 26, 2013

My Most Bestest Creation

Those of you that follow me on Instagram saw a little sneak peak early last week of this design, but I just could not wait to share it with the rest of you! My final project in my illustration class last semester was to design a fall fashion line. This skirt was right at the tipy tip top of my list. I feel like tea length skirts are so classic and beautiful but something you don't see too often. So yes, design numero uno complete....and I'm already on to number 2:) 

So just you know, hypothetically speaking. If I were to provide this skirt as a product in my shop would you buy it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, you know I aim to please:)

Jun 25, 2013

DIY Adding Length To A Dress

1. Place your fabric folded in half underneath your dress.
2. Draw an outline on the additional fabric giving the amount of extra length needed. Don't forget to add extra length for your hem (I add an extra inch for the hem).
3. Now add 5/8" inch all the way around the line your drew to give yourself an extra seam allowance.
4. Cut your fabric out along the new line you just drew.
5. Removing the dress, and using the additional fabric right sides together sew on the left and right side seams. This will make your fabric a tube. Finish the seams with either a zig zag stitch or a surger.
6. Now that your additional length is sewn together use the fabric as a tube, place the dress inside the tube of fabric making sure that the dress and the fabric are right sides together.  Match the bottom of the dress and the top of the additional fabric together and sew along the edge of the dress. Hem the additional fabric and you're done! 
** The dress used in this tutorial is c/o Sheinside

Jun 21, 2013

Revival Files

It's always so amazing to me what taking in the sleeves of an old lady dress can do. I chopped off the sleeves,  then took about 4 inches of width off of them, shortened the hem and dunzo. I love the chevron pleating in the front, that was the first thing that caught my eye about this, and as long as I see one good thing about a dress that I like, I'm always willing to put a little bit of elbow grease in to give something old a new life! This little pleated number is in the shop for all of you that need a go to summer time dress!

Jun 10, 2013

Shop Update

I just added some new goodies to the shop and marked down some of last months items! You can check out the shop here!

Jun 5, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!!

skirt: Thrifted      blouse:c/o Sheinside        shoes: Call It Spring        bag: gifted       watch: Invictus

Remember that dreamy pleated skirt from Florence Adams, well one of you lucky ladies won the skirt.
Congrats Cindy from Hellcat Vintage!! I'll be contacting your soon!

Jun 4, 2013

Free Printable Garden Markers

 So you know that one time like a month ago that I made it my personal mission to plant a freaking garden already?! Well I finally did it this weekend. And once everything was planted I realized that all of my herbs and veggies looked ummm.....exactly alike.  So I created some quick and easy diy garden markers and I thought what the heck I should give the printable to all of you! Here's how you can make your own garden markers!
^^ Download the printable (linked at the bottom of this post) and print and cut out all of the tags (I left a blank tag at the bottom so that you could create other plant tags as well).
 ^^ With packing tape cover both sides of the tag and then cover it up again (you don't have to do this step but I wanted my tags to be water proof since they'll be outside). Now go grab either toothpicks, sticks from the yard, or some wooden dowels.

^^ Using a glue gun, wrap the flag in half around your dowel/stick/toothpick and then glue the flag to the stick and then glue the flag together. You''re done!!

Jun 2, 2013

How To Make Me Furious in .5 Seconds

skirt: Nordstrom        blouse: F21        shoes: Target         watch: Invictus         necklace: diy

The amount of times that I get hit by cars is ridunkulous. RI-DUNK-YOU-LUS. This weekend will make it THREE times this year. I don't know if a white honda civic is offensive, like maybe they think I'm a white supremacy car racist, or if me flipping people off makes them want to hit me (jk jk, I don't flip people off....all the time) but this is just way too much to handle. Anyways, let the third car story of this year begin. So the other night it was approximately 11:53 and my sis and I had a real hankerin' for a DQ cone. So like lightning I googled what time Dairy Queen closed and wham-bam-thankyou-man it closed at 12:00. A miracle! So we sprinted to the car and sped all the way to Dairy Queen and when we pulled up to the drive through there was already a line. So guys, we were thinking this was our lucky day and that we made it just in time. Finally, we were one car away from ordering when all of the lights in the store went out. Devastation. No chocolate cone would be dipped in a troth full of fudginess for me??? I could hardly come to terms with it. So I'm sitting behind this car, waiting for them to pull through when they reverse and back up straight into me....??? I just....was so pissed. I mean you can make me angry by not giving me a glorious fudge dipped cone, you can make me ready to fight to the death by denying me an ice cream cone and THEN hitting my car. The girl was obviously mortified by well...how dumb she was (sorry I call it like it is). And got out of the car and said, "It's been a really long night....I don't even know why I started reversing. Is your car okay??" I looked at it and said, "Oh you know I already had a hit and run with this car earlier this year so this is nothing really." Yeah okay I was being mean and sarcastic, but once again, no ice cream cone, so ya know. " She just kind of stared at me not knowing what to say until I said, "No harm done, this car is old and ready to die anyway. It's fine."

And that was it.

We both got back into our cars. Coneless and furious. And then I just sat there pondering how the ice cream was just sitting right inside waiting to make my sweaty hot furious car just a bit happier. And maybe if I just waited out here one more minute they'd bring my an ice cream cone out of pity.

But they didn't. Such is life. The end.