Jun 4, 2013

Free Printable Garden Markers

 So you know that one time like a month ago that I made it my personal mission to plant a freaking garden already?! Well I finally did it this weekend. And once everything was planted I realized that all of my herbs and veggies looked ummm.....exactly alike.  So I created some quick and easy diy garden markers and I thought what the heck I should give the printable to all of you! Here's how you can make your own garden markers!
^^ Download the printable (linked at the bottom of this post) and print and cut out all of the tags (I left a blank tag at the bottom so that you could create other plant tags as well).
 ^^ With packing tape cover both sides of the tag and then cover it up again (you don't have to do this step but I wanted my tags to be water proof since they'll be outside). Now go grab either toothpicks, sticks from the yard, or some wooden dowels.

^^ Using a glue gun, wrap the flag in half around your dowel/stick/toothpick and then glue the flag to the stick and then glue the flag together. You''re done!!


  1. Fingers crossed your garden grows!! :)

  2. Just a small world of gardening advice- you should pinch off all the flowers on your basil (just right and where that "stem" is attached to the leaves. Otherwise it will make your basil icky.

  3. Ahh my comment didn't save. Anyway, you should keep the flowers and their associated growth pinched off the basil, otherwise your basil will get gross. Just a friendly piece of advice.

  4. Loving these tags. And congrats on our garden! :)

  5. Loving these markers!