Jun 2, 2013

How To Make Me Furious in .5 Seconds

skirt: Nordstrom        blouse: F21        shoes: Target         watch: Invictus         necklace: diy

The amount of times that I get hit by cars is ridunkulous. RI-DUNK-YOU-LUS. This weekend will make it THREE times this year. I don't know if a white honda civic is offensive, like maybe they think I'm a white supremacy car racist, or if me flipping people off makes them want to hit me (jk jk, I don't flip people off....all the time) but this is just way too much to handle. Anyways, let the third car story of this year begin. So the other night it was approximately 11:53 and my sis and I had a real hankerin' for a DQ cone. So like lightning I googled what time Dairy Queen closed and wham-bam-thankyou-man it closed at 12:00. A miracle! So we sprinted to the car and sped all the way to Dairy Queen and when we pulled up to the drive through there was already a line. So guys, we were thinking this was our lucky day and that we made it just in time. Finally, we were one car away from ordering when all of the lights in the store went out. Devastation. No chocolate cone would be dipped in a troth full of fudginess for me??? I could hardly come to terms with it. So I'm sitting behind this car, waiting for them to pull through when they reverse and back up straight into me....??? I just....was so pissed. I mean you can make me angry by not giving me a glorious fudge dipped cone, you can make me ready to fight to the death by denying me an ice cream cone and THEN hitting my car. The girl was obviously mortified by well...how dumb she was (sorry I call it like it is). And got out of the car and said, "It's been a really long night....I don't even know why I started reversing. Is your car okay??" I looked at it and said, "Oh you know I already had a hit and run with this car earlier this year so this is nothing really." Yeah okay I was being mean and sarcastic, but once again, no ice cream cone, so ya know. " She just kind of stared at me not knowing what to say until I said, "No harm done, this car is old and ready to die anyway. It's fine."

And that was it.

We both got back into our cars. Coneless and furious. And then I just sat there pondering how the ice cream was just sitting right inside waiting to make my sweaty hot furious car just a bit happier. And maybe if I just waited out here one more minute they'd bring my an ice cream cone out of pity.

But they didn't. Such is life. The end.


  1. Oh man! I swear, some people are prone to being hit by cars. My younger sister has been in so many car accidents--most of them when she wasn't even driving, she was just in a car that got hit by someone else. This story also reminds me of my parents always saying "Nothing good ever happens after midnight." Not even getting ice cream from DQ. :(

  2. UGH! That sounds like the worst! At least your outfit is cute!

  3. Not very many things make me mad, but not getting an item I want so very badly sets me over the limit. And then to have your car smashed into! OY!! No good. Bet some Ben & Jerry's would have calmed the situation. ;)

  4. oh man, sorry bout that girl!!!

    But, you look STUNNING in your pics! Love it

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.
    If a night without ice cream isn't bad enough!!! Geez.
    Well, at least you look beautiful ;)

  6. I really love your outfit - so simple and classic!

    OH GOSH. That really stinks - I mean, I am Brethren. I can't imagine going with out ice cream. That is a sin in our denomination. And then to get hit is absolutely no fun. Glad you are all okay though!


  7. Oh gosh, you don't mess with me and my ice cream. I would have got out of my car and banged on the window to get me one! That's the worst!!
    xo TJ

  8. I can't believe it...not again! Your car is cursed! I love the last pic because you look like you're about to repremand someone.