Sep 30, 2013

DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece in 10 Minutes

 I love spooky Halloween decorations but I love to mix them with goofy fun Halloween decorations as well. This pumpkin centerpiece has certainly brightened up the living room and it only cost $10 and took 10 minutes to make! Here's how to make your own.
For this craft you'll need:
A steak knife
A foam pumpkin (I got mine at Michael's for 40% off)
 1. Using a relatively sharp steak knife cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin.
2. Paint your pumpkin any which way you choose!
3. Arrange your flowers and place them through the top hole in the pumpkin and you're done!

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant In the Place Where Dreams Go To Die

jeans: thrifted      blouse: thrifted       sweater: c/o Sheinside       bag: thrifted       boots: ebay (originally Anthropologie)

I need to give a huge disclaimer before I dive into things here. Here on this very blog, I write about whatever the heck fancies my fancy. It's usually what my mind is consumed with for that day. Well guess what has been consuming my mind for the past 4 months, a baby forming in my belly off of all of my nutrients. Now I know that a lot of blog readers in general feel that bloggers lives and blogs get completely taken over by being pregnant/having a baby. But the way I run things here, and the way that I've managed to keep blogging for so long is to just blog about whatever is going on currently in my life. So basically what I'm saying is get ready for a boat load of baby/baby thoughts/maternity diy's and a crap load of baby nesting crafts and probably more pictures of my giant tummy then any one person should have to ever look at in their life. Just a forewarning in case you need to jump ship (please don't!) but also, consider yourself warned:)

Now can I please tell you the story of how Matt and I found out we were pregnant?

Pretty much I always pictured finding out that I was pregnant as this magical wonderful thing. I would just know because that's what women do. And then I would create some cutsy artsy fartsy craft to surprise Sir Matt and tell him we were pregnant. And then we would gallop in a field for at least an hour and talk all about the wonderful dreams we have for our fetus.

Please every woman in this world get rid of this stupid idea NOW.

Let me paint an ugly little picture for you. I was puking my guts out thinking I'd had a bad case of food poisoning or something and while laying on the bathroom floor I thought to myself Wait could I be pregnant?! No surely it's just the Indian food. I conveniently had a box of pregnancy tests stashed away in the bathroom cabinet and really giggled at myself that I possibly thought that my rotten dinner could be morning sickness, because it was night time and hello, morning sickness is for the morning (LIE LIE LIE).

So there I was, dusting an old pregnancy test off and just sitting there a few minutes later staring at half of a plus sign. I mean it was literally just a CAPITAL T sign, not a + sign. I was like stupid test, hey Matt does this look like a plus sign to you?? To which he promptly agreed that it was a CAPITAL T sign and not a + sign. And so we went to bed. And I lay there thinking, a CAPITAL T sign is really 3/4 of  a plus sign and 1/4 closer to a plus than a minus really if you do the math, I mean if you really think about it. And so it was settled, I would go get another test in the morning to confirm this suspicious CAPITAL T sign.

And thus began my morning trip to the place I loathe most in this world. The Wal-Mart. We've discussed my loathing of The Wal-Mart, and how I will avoid it at all costs. But you guys I was desperate, I mean the sign was 3/4 of a + sign, if that isn't desperation I don't know what is. So I went to pick out a  test and this time opted for the ones that are all digital and fancy and say PREGNANT and NOT PREGNANT, because this time I just wasn't taking any chances. I bought the test and as I was almost out the door I just couldn't handle the suspense. I literally ran into the bathroom, ran past the homeless woman trying to take a shower in the bathroom sink and took the test as fast as humanly possible. The test just sat there flashing until...


And that my friends is the story of how I found out the happiest news in the world, next to a homeless woman bathing in a sink in the place I loathe most in this world. The End....of the very beginning:)

Sep 24, 2013

Pregnant Lady In A Gun Store

blouse: thrifted (JCrew)     skirt: c/o Eshatki (buy it here!)     tights: Target     shoes: Thrifted (Restricted)      necklace: thrifted

So yesterday I went to a gun store, to buy a gun. I didn't know if that was obvious or if it needed to be stated but well there you have it. And it was after work so I wandered into the store in a flowery dress and my heels, not looking the most gun savvy and I walk up to the gun counter and say Hi, I'd like to buy this gun. You would have thought I asked him to get an elephant to wear my nieces tutu. His jaw hit.the.floor. So then he proceeds to tell me all of the reasons why I don't want the gun I just picked and why a little lady like me couldn't handle the gun. My response of course was to pick up my petticoat and run home to go churn some butter and get out of a place that was just not suited for a little lady like me.NOT. I told him I wanted to buy it anyway. He asked what for and I said, to shoot things, it seemed like a pretty reasonable explanation to me. Anyways the guy just was not happy with my decision, and by this point five other guys behind the gun counter started to watch me and this man's conversation like we were some dang racing movie. So there they were just staring at me and this man and well then other menfolk shoppers started to stare and really this whole pregnant lady in a dress buying a gun thing became quite the spectacle.

 Anyways, a one toothed bearded man whom I will from now on refer to as "crazy 'ol pete" decides to chime in on the conversation to knock some sense into my silly woman mind and tells me listen no offense ma'am but your little frame just can't handle this gun. If you'd like I can take you out to my truck and show you all of my guns though. Well gee whiz crazy 'ol pete, that would be just about the best thing to ever happen to me, to let a man show me a gun out in an abandoned old parking lot, can you also just tie me up and throw me in the back of your truck while you're at it, oh and do you have any candy that you can lure me out to your car with, because I won't go for anything less than a Tootsie Pop, and I only accept from strangers!

You guys. It was like stepping into the 1920's only there was crazy 'ol pete trying to "show me his guns" no no it was probably like the 1920's to. the. T. So anyways, I told them all to shove it....okay okay I told them that if they wouldn't let me buy the gun that I wanted to that I would go somewhere else, so I did. And then I mentally flipped them the bird because a proper woman never loses her temper in public. The end. Now someone get me a Tootsie Pop!

Sep 23, 2013

We've Been Keeping A Big Secret

You guys. WOAH!! Things are about to get cray cray over here. And also, that was the biggest longest secret I've ever had to keep and SWEET GLORY, does it feel good to finally tell you guys! Matt and I are beyond thrilled, scared out of our minds, possibly slightly insane but really just beyond ecstatic. I can't wait to tell you all about the past 4 months (holy I'm 4 months pregnant already??), from finding out, to puking my guts out for three months and *sigh* bodily changes (where is my waist? and HELLO to the two ladies!).But for now let's party, because you guys, Matt and I are going to have a wee little one!!

** A huge thanks to J&H Photography for taking these sweet pictures for us! They want to get in on the baby party over here too and are giving any WIOMS readers 25% off of a photography session with them:)

Sep 20, 2013

DIY Floral Crown

I know that fall is coming and everything, but I've been really wanting to wear a floral crown with a fun fall maxi dress so ya know here I go breaking more fashion rules and what not. This was literally a 3 minute DIY and cost me $4 to be able to make 4 different crowns, guys that's $1 per crown. So yes, three minutes and 4 dollars well spent. Have fun and get creative with one of your own!

Sep 17, 2013

A New Handmade Love

dress: made by me    shoes: urban outfitters
The second I spotted this fabric in LA I knew that it was begging to be a well tailored dress with plenty o' volume in the skirt, and I just could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. I vow to wear this as many a fall/spring/winter/summer outfit (oooh she so versatile). Also I plan to never let Matt and Indie touch me in it because this thing is WHITE. I can picture it now, I'll ward messy hands and puppy paws off with the jab of my bleach pen, because me and this dress of mine, we're going places I tell you what :)

Another one for the store some day in the future?!

Sep 16, 2013

Thoughts On A Grey Monday

**this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just kind of like us.
Last night when I got home from work the Indian almost passed out from the excitement of having her mama home, and really an Indie homecoming greeting is just the best thing. She hops up onto the couch so she can be just as tall as you and then starts to stand on her hind legs and simultaneously hop up and down. I mean its delicious really. So me and the Indian had a lovely reunion and then she snuck away to get her lamb chops to of course show me all of the progress she'd made with her beloved squeakers. Well somewhere between lamb chops and the couch she found an ENTIRE HEAD OF GARLIC and ate it in one swift chomp. Where it came best guess is she found it in the depths of the sea...or under the oven, but whatever.  I cannot describe the treachery of her garlicky burps, panting and flatulence. Never have I ever in my life seen such powerful bodily functions.

On a side note I had to walk around with only a right shoe for part of the day. The dog at my sisters apartment ate the left one (like Lilo and Stitch style) and I promised to meet Matt right after so well I jut looked liked a one shoed looney at the store.

Oh and I managed to reach straight up cray cray when I picked up a pan out of the oven with my bare hands. On the fingertip blisters are just no fun. But really who just forgets the oven mits and goes straight for the goods??? I'm pretty sure the Indian and I were destined to be together. Oh and Matt was destined to be with us too:)

Sep 6, 2013

To Leggings and Last School Years

blazer: Forever 21       shirt: Forever 21     bag: Zara (Thanks April!!)    leggings: H&M     shoes: Steve Madden

These leggings. You guys these leggings are my salvation when it comes to needing something comfy to wear that still looks nice. I cannot even describe to you how much I wear them....and well this shirt too if we're being completely honest here. They're kind of my go to summer-iform. And speaking of summer, BUH-BYE!! Not that I don't love the sunshine and the long summer nights but a summer full of exhaustion and sickness is a summer I can happily say goodbye too. And well, hello to Matt's last year of college!!! Can I get a what what, because I just have no idea what life as a married couple WITHOUT college is even like. I mean never have I ever ya know. So goodbye summer and hello my dear sweet September full of my very favorite season and our last year of undergrad!! Huzzah!

Sep 4, 2013

The Hazards of Fashion Blogging

Here's the thing, fashion bloggers look TOTES ADORBS in all of their fashion posts right?! Well listen closely ladies, because I'm about to tell you the real truth. Fashion blogging is straight up dangerous, we're risking our lives and battling a noble battle daily, really. Other than the cutsy pictures, here's what really goes on behind the scenes...or at least my scenes. And yes, really, all of these things have happened to me.

1. Your keys can get eaten up by a giant lawn mower at a park and you'll be locked out of your car and house for-ever (or hours but that's neither here nor there). Why you ask? Because who takes pictures with keys in their hands, I mean ewwwwww and never would we be caught dead. So the keys go on the ground....or in my case sucked into the belly of a vengeful lawn mower.

2. Your dog could eat someones chicken. We've been over this story before a while ago, but just to rehash, why are neighbors letting their chickens run free in fields. I mean they were practically asking to get eaten by a hungry Indie weren't they??

3. All of your shoes will get trashed....I mean trashed. Because guess what, heels aren't for rummaging through fields and forests and guess what we do? We rummage through hills and forests in our high heels. I know it's against all intuition but we do it for love of the game.

4. You'll lose lots and lots of self esteem by taking hundreds of pictures that make you look bloated/awkward/lazy eyed/constipated to find the one in one hundred picture that doesn't make you look like a house.And you'll go through them and think to yourself, "Man if they only knew...." and then of course you'll post only the very best photo of you...and sometimes even those aren't that great. I mean let's face it.

5. You'll stand in absurd weather conditions for hours (okay okay minutes) just to take pictures. Blizzard? Outfit photos! Monsoon? Outfit photos! Blistering heat? I should wear a sweater with this outfit!!! You guys, we are CRAZY TOWN.

And you know what, some times these things, they kind of start to pile up against each other. And sometimes you think to yourself, "Why the hell do I do this??" as your editing pictures at night instead of doing something I don't know, enjoyable. But then we go out and do it again, maybe for you, maybe because we really are just crazy. I don't think I've really figured that part out yet.

Sep 2, 2013

Insta Life

This past month has been a bit hard on me to be totally honest. I've been fighting illness constantly and working like crazy. Matt's been working really hard too which has meant a lot of late nights alone for the both of us. But if I've learned anything throughout all of the craziness it's that you can't let the important moments slip away. People always told us that you had to still date each other when you get married. And we were like, "Well duh, we'll be married and be around each other all the time!!" But in reality when we've been together (which is quite the rare sight) we've been sooooo exhausted and the last thing on our minds has been going out. I think that happens to really any married couple, (or maybe I'm a lone ranger? Who knows!) but in our own little way we've tried to become better this month and have more fun nights together; camping inside, hiking, going on sunset walks and dancing in the living room have been our saving grace. I think just trying to have little moments of joy has made all of the difference, and hey aren't dates where you can stay in your slippers and stretchy pants really the best kind of dates?? I mean can i get a what what!