Sep 4, 2013

The Hazards of Fashion Blogging

Here's the thing, fashion bloggers look TOTES ADORBS in all of their fashion posts right?! Well listen closely ladies, because I'm about to tell you the real truth. Fashion blogging is straight up dangerous, we're risking our lives and battling a noble battle daily, really. Other than the cutsy pictures, here's what really goes on behind the scenes...or at least my scenes. And yes, really, all of these things have happened to me.

1. Your keys can get eaten up by a giant lawn mower at a park and you'll be locked out of your car and house for-ever (or hours but that's neither here nor there). Why you ask? Because who takes pictures with keys in their hands, I mean ewwwwww and never would we be caught dead. So the keys go on the ground....or in my case sucked into the belly of a vengeful lawn mower.

2. Your dog could eat someones chicken. We've been over this story before a while ago, but just to rehash, why are neighbors letting their chickens run free in fields. I mean they were practically asking to get eaten by a hungry Indie weren't they??

3. All of your shoes will get trashed....I mean trashed. Because guess what, heels aren't for rummaging through fields and forests and guess what we do? We rummage through hills and forests in our high heels. I know it's against all intuition but we do it for love of the game.

4. You'll lose lots and lots of self esteem by taking hundreds of pictures that make you look bloated/awkward/lazy eyed/constipated to find the one in one hundred picture that doesn't make you look like a house.And you'll go through them and think to yourself, "Man if they only knew...." and then of course you'll post only the very best photo of you...and sometimes even those aren't that great. I mean let's face it.

5. You'll stand in absurd weather conditions for hours (okay okay minutes) just to take pictures. Blizzard? Outfit photos! Monsoon? Outfit photos! Blistering heat? I should wear a sweater with this outfit!!! You guys, we are CRAZY TOWN.

And you know what, some times these things, they kind of start to pile up against each other. And sometimes you think to yourself, "Why the hell do I do this??" as your editing pictures at night instead of doing something I don't know, enjoyable. But then we go out and do it again, maybe for you, maybe because we really are just crazy. I don't think I've really figured that part out yet.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your keys! That is one powerful lawn mower!!!

    Jan Loves

  2. That key story is so sad!! I've totally put stuff that I'm carrying on the ground before in order to take an outfit picture....thankfully not when lawnmowers are around!!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  3. Oh my gosh your poor keys! Yes fashion blogging is pretty dangerous!

  4. hahah oh no your keys!! xo

  5. Oh gosh - your keys! That really stinks! And we do it (well at least I think so) for 2 reasons: 1.) to show our kids what people wore back in those days and 2.) for the community!


  6. Ha ha ha I love this post!! You should definitely guest post with this in my blog! Too funny and so true!

  7. I love the dress you're wearing here, and I love this post. It was 90 out today and I was trying to get my husband to take pictures of me in a new sweater I just got, he thought I was ridiculous!


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  9. 6. Despite how hard you try to avoid people when taking photo, there will always be those days when you're not so lucky, and people ask you questions about what the heck you're doing.

    I have often brought two pairs of shoes when I go trudging in the wilderness! I've learned my lesson...

  10. Oh my goodness, this post is seriously perfect. Especially the part about taking 100 pics to find one good true!!

  11. Loving this dress!


  12. Oh my gosh you are so right! Fashion blogging is funny that way, sometimes. And I'm dying over the chicken thing.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  13. where did you get that dress? :)