Sep 16, 2013

Thoughts On A Grey Monday

**this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just kind of like us.
Last night when I got home from work the Indian almost passed out from the excitement of having her mama home, and really an Indie homecoming greeting is just the best thing. She hops up onto the couch so she can be just as tall as you and then starts to stand on her hind legs and simultaneously hop up and down. I mean its delicious really. So me and the Indian had a lovely reunion and then she snuck away to get her lamb chops to of course show me all of the progress she'd made with her beloved squeakers. Well somewhere between lamb chops and the couch she found an ENTIRE HEAD OF GARLIC and ate it in one swift chomp. Where it came best guess is she found it in the depths of the sea...or under the oven, but whatever.  I cannot describe the treachery of her garlicky burps, panting and flatulence. Never have I ever in my life seen such powerful bodily functions.

On a side note I had to walk around with only a right shoe for part of the day. The dog at my sisters apartment ate the left one (like Lilo and Stitch style) and I promised to meet Matt right after so well I jut looked liked a one shoed looney at the store.

Oh and I managed to reach straight up cray cray when I picked up a pan out of the oven with my bare hands. On the fingertip blisters are just no fun. But really who just forgets the oven mits and goes straight for the goods??? I'm pretty sure the Indian and I were destined to be together. Oh and Matt was destined to be with us too:)


  1. One shoe?? Oh no! One time I had a shoe break at the beginning of my day at school and so I was barefoot.
    And those burns don't sound fun at all!

  2. You two are the cutest couple. Oh I am so sorry for the Indian's garlic bodily excretions, ew, I can't imagine.

  3. Oh... I love your stories soooooo much!!!! =))))


  4. This...this was simply adorable. :) I love your sense of humor, your writing style, and your little stories. It makes my day just reading them. Incidentally, sorry about the garlic Indian and burnt digits. :(

  5. You two are just so cute! I'm sorry that you have had kind of a crappy day! I hope that the week is a lot better - at least a two shoes kind of week?