Oct 14, 2013

Of Tossing Your Cookies and Such

jacket: c/o Sheinside (buy it here)     hat: h&m      top: h&m maternity      leggings: Jolt     rain boots: Itasca

There is a cruel harsh fact of life, and that is, that when you are looking your very worst you will see EVERYONE that you know if you step into the outside world. Case in point, a few months back I was pretty much bed ridden with nausea. I was constantly either losing everything I ate or just dry heaving like a fool thinking that I was going to lose everything I ate. It just really was not a good idea to be in the outside world then. But alas my dad was in town and I wanted to spend time with my family so out into the world I went, and I even got ready, and like curled my hair and stuff. It was a miracle!!! The fam decided to go out to eat and I was like, I'm out, I'm looking cute, I can totally eat without tossing my cookies!!! And so we ate our hearts out at the most delicious barbecue place in town. Well people, I tell you what, I didn't even make it out the front doors. I just sprinted to the bathroom and projectile style lost my goods. I tell you what though, when you have to go lose said goods the last thing you worry about is hmmm did I lock the door behind me?? Well I'll answer the question for you, no, indeed I had not locked the door to the single bathroom in the tiny hole in the wall place that opens straight up to everyone sitting and eating their food. The next thing I know I'm hurling uncontrollably and a guy is just standing there with the door open saying oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't know anyone was in here, the door wasn't locked!! And so I stopped to discuss with him why I hadn't locked it....NOT!! I just kept hurling my guts out until he closed the stupid door.

So yes it was not my best moment, but at least the guy didn't know me right?! I went out to the car where the whole family was waiting and they wanted to stop at the mall to see if they could find some doo-hickey-ma-thingy that they'd been looking for and I thought maybe the walking would help...because I'm an idiot! And so in the mall we wandered, and it was about three steps in that mall when I knew I needed to puke immediately. And basically I just started sprinting, found myself a bathroom and, you know the rest, wash rinse and repeat or so it goes. At this time I must describe to you the state of what I looked like, it's necessary, really. My makeup had completely melted off of my face, literally my mascara and eyeliner were just sliding down my cheeks and all I could find was an itchy bathroom paper towel to try and clean up the mess, which of course did nothing but smear that black crap around and irritate my face. My bangs and hair were slicked wet to my forhead and side of my face because, what I sweat when I puke okay!! I mean to paint a picture here, my hair looked unto an 80 year old man comb over. I had little dibbles of lunch on my shirt, once again tried to wipe that away unsuccessfully with scratchy bathroom paper towel, and my skin was a pale green. It just was not my day. And I thought to myself, you know what, I feel like crap, and today I'm just not going to fight it. I'm going to look like crap if I feel like it dangit!!! And so I stumbled out of that bathroom where my dad was waiting for me and we just tried to get to the car as quick as possible.

And that's when I heard, "Do you by chance have a blog called Wearing It On My Sleeves??" over my shoulder. It took every fiber of my being to turn around and manage a smile. I mean usually I am ecstatic when I get to meet all of you awesome people that read my blog. But again, 80 year old man comb over, black crap on face and leftover lunch on shirt...yeah. This girl that I met was ADORABLE, STINKING ADORABLE!! If you're reading this, YOU ARE STINKING ADORABLE. And I looked like the day had just swallowed me up, chewed on me for about an hour and then spit me out REAL GOOD. We didn't talk for long, but she was the sweetest and really cheered me up when I felt absolutely crumby. And so we departed and I went on to find another bathroom....

And that's when I realized the universe has just the strangest sense of humor. Also, that was the last day I even tried to pretend being a normal human being when I had morning sickness. The end.


  1. I know I shouldn't be laughing at your pain but you even make morning sickness funny! I have to tell you, I am dying over your little pregnant belly! So cute!

  2. You win best storytelling of all the bloggers!

  3. you are adorable! and a great writer!!!

  4. your belly is getting huge! you're cute too with your pregnant belly.adore your blog.

    xo josephine

  5. Awww, I'm sorry that you were having such a horrible day! It will be worth it in the end though - you are getting bigger! Can't wait to see more of your pregnancy style!


  6. oh no that's awful! I hate throwing up as it is. But in public?? You are very brave.

  7. I have to confess I am dying laughing over this story (while at the same time feeling horrible for you). I am the same way, looking good: see no one. Looking like I've been hit by a truck: run into everyone I know. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm not sorry you told us about it, I LOVE your stories! Oh, and you're looking pretty adorable here :)

  8. Oh no! I feel bad for giggling a bit but the way you tell stories is so funny! I'm sure that the reader was just excited to meet you, and if you looked as bad as you said you did (which I don't, we always think we look worse than we do!) she probably realized you weren't feeling well!

  9. Look at that little baby bump! I love it! I'm sure someone has told you it's worth it in the end? Just what you wanted to hear, right? ;) don't worry you aren't alone in the public hurling. Once I didn't make it to the bathroom and had to make do with a trash can outside of target. I was happy when everyone was grossed out and ignoring me, but mortified when a friend from church recognized me.

  10. Not going to lie, even though we get to see your cute baby bump I filed this look away in my fashion inspiration folder... you look so chic!!!


  11. Awww.. you poor thing. The joys of pregnancy (which I'm being honest... We get to look forward to everything and will know its all worth it) You do look fabulous as always though!!