Dec 12, 2013

It's A.....

 And I am just ecstatic, mostly because I was pretty convinced that it was a boy and hello, I APPARENTLY HAVE NO MATERNAL INSTINCT!!! Browsing through all of the teensy tiny girl dresses and guys, I die. I die of cuteness every time.

The Fam is all headed over to Colorado for Christmas and my sisters decided to throw me a baby shower while I was down there. In true cheapskate fashion (I like to call it DIY because hello, sounds so much trendier and hip)  I decided to make my own invitations. They were so fun to paint and I'm planning on using the artwork in the nursery somehow to give it a personal touch. Perhaps when we come up with a name I'll paint her name in the center of the wreath?!

Also. Name my unborn child. No seriously. Sir Matt and I are having no success. Every name I love he hates and every name he loves I loathe. It's really kind of the worst. At this point I'm hoping that once he sees all of the misery I have to go through during birth he'll just let me name her whatever the heck I want. 

Or ya know you could just solve the dilemma and help us. Oh pretty please won't you???


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! I follow four blogs that all happened to be pregnant at the same time and finding out genders within a few weeks of each other. You're the last and your little lady takes it to two boys and two girls :)

    As for names, do you have any kind of naming style that you both like? Classic names, something that has a lot of nickname options, short and sweet, nature names, anything like that? More common or something unusual? As I have no idea what to shoot for, here are just a whole bunch I like... Though I am maybe in favour of Sophie ;)

    Clara, Lily, Madeleine, Phoebe, Rose, Violet, Willow, Layla, Lilah, Genevieve, Juliet, Isla/Ayla, Eden, Alice, Anna, Elsa, Charlotte, Eve, Jasmine, Chloe, Grace, Elizabeth, Summer, Poppy, Eleanor, Lola, Lucy, Martha, Mia, Ariana, Eloise, Evangeline, Ruby, Cora, Scarlett, Lydia, Mila, Aria, Maya, Emmeline, Skye, Olivia, Isabelle, Erin... Aaand I'm out.

    However, this lady on youtube does so many videos about baby names. SO MANY. So many watch some and see if you hear of something you like?

    Also maybe check the SSA for the top 1000 baby names for 2012 here:
    You can scroll down and select most popular names by year, for any year from 1880 onwards. There's GOT to be one you both like in there, right?

    Lastly, in case you don't find one, here's the top 1000 names from my country (England) last year as a lot of them are quite different to the American ones:

    GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. congratulations! girls are fun, especially to sew for ;). Try the baby name wizard! there is a book and a website. Names are so personal it's hard to make a suggestion but names that I love and probably will never get to use are Lola, Giselle, and Jocelyn.

  3. Congratulations, and your invites are adorable! Our daughter's name is Josie. I love it because it is different, but not weird:)

  4. Great idea! way prettier then most invites I've seen. As for names I can tell you about my daughter. My husband and I had a hard time agreeing. For a boy we both amazing had the same name for our first pick, Harold. I was also sure she was going to be a he. So when she came out and announced it's a girl I was shocked. After goung through tons of girls names and both of us shooting eachother down I decided to look at famous female singers. You see my name is Nena. A popular singer/band in the 1980's (99 red balloons). Looking threw our music collection I came across Nico. Ran it by my husband and he loved it. Note: Harold id a family name on his side. Anything sentimental is good.

  5. congratulations!! girl power ;)

  6. Hmmm...names...

    Those were always my favorites. Good luck :)

  7. What about any girl characters in books? I love Scout, Hermione, and Arwen.

  8. Since I make such a good chicken chop you could always just name her Erin...? *eyebrow wiggle*

  9. oh my god, congrats girl!!! and what a good little artist you are :)

  10. Challenge accepted! It's like you read my post Ha! Here are some names I came up with. Hope they help! Congrats on the baby girl!!! Eleanor, Juliette, Naomi, Paige, Blair, Rachel, Joanna, Blake, Cecilia, Bethany, Aria, Matilda, Madeline, Sophia, Camille, Lydia, Margo, Amelia, Chandler, Anna and Noelle. If you need more ideas, let me know. :)

  11. Yay! Congrats! Those invites are stunning! I thought they were done by Kelli Murray but nope! You are equally as talented. :) xoxo

  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Woohoo congratulations! Oh I am no help in the girl name department, I always have a good store of boy names. Looks like there's some great suggestions above though!

  14. Love those invites! So sweet - you're so talented!
    Hmm, girl names are hard... good luck! Whatever you do, choose something with a relatively normal spelling, or they will never be able to find anything with their name on it! (Ask me how I know - always can find Rebecca, but not my spelling, with a K!)

  15. My husband and I decided before we got married to have three kids. After the birth of our second one, we changed our minds as we felt like we couldn't afford a third. So, with two sons, my girl's names have gone to waste.

    1. Megan Elizabeth
    2. Gloria Abigail

    Congratulations! I love seeing the bloggers with their baby girls.

  16. Congratulations! How very exciting!

    I think the following names are pretty:


    Good luck! Sometimes you just have to see her face before the perfect name hits you

  17. Honestly, I thought maybe you were naming your child "Dear" and I kinda loved it. It's soft and warm and perfect.

  18. YYYAAAAYYY!!!! OH MY WORD. This is so exciting!

    And I'm just feeling the name "Annie" for some reason - that would be so adorable for your little one!


  19. You need to name this baby Georgia. That's my mom's name.

  20. My husband and I have the same problem... luckily we aren't having children just yet.

    I really like traditionally male names or male sounding names for girls. Is that totally weird? I don't know why. I like Lincoln, Emerson, Sawyer, Sailor, Peyton and Scout. Good luck :)

  21. Girl names are hard! I've always liked the names Tirzah and Beth.

  22. My only advice is go to the hospital with a name, because if Edith is the nurse in the room, and she was such a huge help, you might name your daughter edith. ;)

  23. Some names I loved that my husband nixed right away: Greta, Georgina (Ginny), Elliot, Louisa, Sylvia. We had twins, and I still didn't get to name just one of them whatever the heck I wanted...oh well.

  24. Clara!!!!! :) And congratulations! Nice job on the invites. Beautiful!

  25. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. A little girl is so sweet! I hope you come up with a name you can agree on that you both love! :)