Jan 27, 2014

35 Weeks

jacket: Nordstrom Rack          tunic: Anthropologie            jeans: H&M Maternity             shoes: F21

My girlfriend Shelly literally forced me out into the street to take blog pictures last week. I'm not kidding. When I say forced I mean it, the whole time I was literally saying over and over again, "Okay can we stop now, please, let's just go watch a movie, doesn't that sound way better, please we really don't have to do this."

Here's the thing about pregnancy. You hear all of these amazing things from mom's about the beauty and joy of creating a human being. And then you look on Pinterest for maternity inspiration and there are all of these freaking adorable girls in adorable outfits and you think, man pregnancy is so cute!!! I mean it's got to be fun, look at these girls!! But what you don't really hear is the truth, because if we knew the truth about pregnancy there wouldn't be anyone getting pregnant up in this hizzle. For reals. What you put your body and mind through when you're pregnant is HARD. And one of the smallest aspects of pregnancy being hard is that you just don't feel comfortable in your own skin, you feel huge and swollen and the last thing you want to document is how huge and swollen you are getting.

But here's the other thing. As I was talking with my friend Shelly she kept reminding me that really all pregnant women feel this way, and they feel like something is wrong with them if they don't feel cute and they don't feel good about how they look. And I realized that there needs to be a voice of reality amongst all of this pregnancy cuteness on blogs and Pinterest and what not. So anyways, I'm just here to tell you that hey, I'm freakin' 35 weeks pregnant, I feel huge and blah blah whine whine and if you feel that way too it's okay!! Today was a miracle, I put something other than my sweats on. Today was also a miracle because I'm creating a freaking human life inside of my body. You're not alone, and you also probably don't look as huge and swollen as you think you do:)


  1. You are to cute! And I am glad you aren't sugar coating things like a lot of people do! You go girl.
    Little Sloth

  2. always enjoy your honesty and quirkiness :)

  3. love your honesty! and you look adorable!!


  4. Love your honesty and the post! You look amazing! I hope you're enjoying this experience in between the struggles :)

  5. girl you are glowing. and i love your honesty.
    i wish more pregnant ladies would be open about it.
    never been pregnant myself, but from what my friends tell me you are totally right.
    however, you still look hott.

  6. You look so pretty:) I wish you all the best Mummy :)

  7. Ugh. I'm in 100% agreeance. I am NOT a fan of being pregnant and I have easy pregnancies. I do not understand people who say they loooooove being pregnant. How can you enjoy not being in control of your body or be able to do normal things, like ride rollercoasters (because I do this daily...duh). ;) You are in the home stretch and believe it or not, you look amazing. Baby girl is almost here!


  8. i have been wishing and waiting for your pregnancy style posts so I could get some inspiration. Thanks for posing for pictures even when you don't feel like it. You look wonderful!

  9. I totally get you, girlfriand. I better develop some sort of pregnancy amnesia because I ain't doing this again. I'm only 12.5 wks. I'm on my way to feeling humongous. You, my dear, look incredible, even if you feel huge.

  10. I FRIGGIN' LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! Thank you for being honest. It's a nice change of pace. P.s.- I remember my daughters grandmother taking a picture of me when I was about 7 months along (and honey I was huge already)...and she said "you'll look back at these and think...I was actually pretty cute." Well guess what? That was almost 7 years ago and I've looked back a ton and NEVER thought I actually looked cute. It was an amazing experience, however, and it keeps getting better and better.

  11. Thank you for a voice of reality!! I'm 20 weeks and already feel not cute. The good thing is I saw your pictures and thought "cute!!" so maybe we're all just too hard on ourselves.

  12. You. ARE AMAZING. Seriously. Thanks for being honest. Now I might know what to expect some years down the line. Maybe, we'll see. But, even though you may not feel it - you look beautiful. And I'm sure you're little one will agree with me years down the line and think - dang, that's my mom. She's pretty swell!


  13. I live in Oregon and I randomly found your blog several months ago! I have never commented on anyone's blog post before but I was just overwhelmed after I read this! I just have to say you are so beautiful and this post was very uplifting! I don't plan on having any little ones for many years but I still found something wonderfully relatable about what you wrote. You're gorgeous!