Jan 15, 2014

DIY Polka Dot Wall

 Guys, I have to apologize, I'm pretty sure that pregnancy kills 99% of blogs for at least 10 months, like I get that there are girls out there that can be all cutsy pregnant and still love doing fashion posts and what not, but being well HAAAUUUGE right now and really never getting out of my pj's unless I'm at work, yeah I'm just not one of those girls. So if you want to see my face and the latest t-shirt and sweats that I'm wearing, please by all means, come find me on Instagram. But for right now at least, I'll just keep sharing DIY's and non pictures of myself mmmkay?!

So this project was probably one of the easiest I've done for the nursery so far. Here's how you can make you're own polka dot wall.

1. Buy gold contact paper (I bought two roles from here and it was just the perfect amount for one wall)
2. Create a circle stencil out of paper cardstock, to be honest I used the base of a lamp and it turned out to be the perfect size. I was also tempted to try a cup... perhaps my dogs rear but the lamp won.
3. Using your stencil trace circles on the gold contact paper and cut your circles out. (A movie will make this step infinitely more enjoyable, believe you me.)
4. Flatten your circles over night under a giant pile of Matt's textbooks...okay so don't come steal my husbands books, but just find something ginormous and heavy to put them under for the night. I can't stress enough how important this step is, I skipped it the first time around and the stickers had a really hard time coming off of the paper and they also didn't lay very nice when I put them on the wall. 
5. Place the circles on your wall. My exact measurements were that each row was 13 inches apart horizontally and 12 inches apart vertically.

You're done!!!


  1. Just gorgeous! I remember having so much fun creating my baby nursery's, so enjoy this lovely time, pj's and all!

  2. We love all your DIY projects, you rock Sarah. Keep them coming. Hope your feeling well, i remember feeling exactly how you are feeling so you are definitely not alone. Before you know it that belly will be gone and you'll be holding your precious babe. Time flies!!

  3. That is so super cute! I am definitely loving the polka dots! Glad to hear that you are doing well. :)


  4. Looks fantastic! That room looks ready for a baby!