May 23, 2014

The Many Faces Of Jocelyn

She's deep unto an ocean. So complex I tell you what. And so I give to you my friends, the many faces of Jocelyn. How the heck is this girl 12 weeks old already?!

It has been a whirl wind I'll tell you that much. Other than the fact that now by three months my hair is falling out in the handfulls, my pre-pubescent acne has conquered any leftovers of my "glow" (I'm still not convinced that glow even existed, I'm pretty sure it was just sweat because I was hot all.theeee.time)  and I'm STILL not fitting into half of my closet like I thought I would (these things take time, but patience my friends is not one of my virtues), yes other than THAT, it has been amazing.

I have to say that 3 months is kind of my jam. I feel like I woke up one morning and she just had this huge personality. She's as sweet as the dickens this one, her little eyes turn into squinty half moons with one look in her direction. If waking up to this one doesn't start your day off right I don't know what could. She gives me a cry that sounds like, "MA HEY MA, I'M ANNOYED BUT NOT IN TROUBLE!" and I mosey over to her crib and she's just there with this full grin on her face, just smiling to herself and giggling as she sucks on her fists. I die of cuteness everytime!!

She will give anyone and everyone a big 'ol cheesy grin but I tell you what, this girl wants it her way. And when she demands to have it her way I tell her to go to McDonalds instead (I kid I kid) but lemme tell you if you don't do something just to her liking she will let you know. Didn't get her the sweet nectar in time, she'll let you know. Didn't get to her fast enough in the morning, laid her down instead of sitting her up to see the world, this girl will WAIL. I mean there's practically slave labor going on over here. But for some reason when you're a mom when they say jump, you say, would you like that on one leg, or would it make you happier if I jumped while singing patty cake. You would do anything for those baby blues ya know. So here's to my Jocey, for wrapping me around her slave driving whip and somehow making me love it at the same time:)


  1. Oh my word, that last one on the left - I'm dying, it's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  2. She is so sweet! I definitely felt that things got more routine and lot more fun around three months!


  3. She's so cute! oh my word, I can't even.


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  5. aww the crying face made me want to cry.

  6. Oh my lord, Jocelyn is absolutely beautiful! Such stunning photos that I'm sure will be treasured for years :)

  7. "I have to say that 3 months is kind of my jam." <--- That line seriously made me grin/laugh out loud. Too cute! Jocey is adorable! Those facial expressions are adorable! I don't have any children of my own, but I've been hanging with my pregnant friends/newly mothered friends, so I've definitely got babies on the brain!

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