Jul 16, 2014

6 Sales You MUST Shop Right Now

I'm always here to help a sista out, you know I love sales, you guys, you know this. Here are a few sales that I just can't stop clicking between I mean HOW many times to I need to go from tab to tab before I just decide to buy these already!!

1. Oui Oui Top (On sale at Nordstrom for $20)
2. Secret Garden Calendar ($13 at Rifle Paper Co.)
3. IID Makeup Palette (Haven't tried it but would LOVE to, I've heard good things about the reformulation. It's on sale at Brickyard Buffalo right now)
4. Salt Water Sandals (On sale for $29 at Brickyard Buffalo)
5. Black Maxi (On sale at HandM for $10)
6. Live Simply Print (On sale at The Painted Arrow for $5)

Jul 11, 2014

Just A Few More

 ^^It's so sweet getting to see family fall in love with our little Jocy.
^^These cousins are just three days apart. Best friends in the making right here:)
^^Jocy's first time at the beach. Okay so it doesn't look like it but she actually really liked getting her feet dipped in the water.
 ^^I told you she loved it.

Jul 2, 2014

A 'Lil Video

We just got back from Jocelyn's first trip away from home and it was SOOO good to see family in California. She was not lacking in the kisses and cuddles department this week.

If we're being real here though, yes it was so great to see family but traveling alone with a new baby is HARD. Okay maybe not hard for everyone but traveling alone with a baby that doesn't feed well (hunger strikes galore!!!) and goes from 0-10 in a half a second is hard. I haven't posted about it on here but Jocelyn hasn't been a good eater from day one, it's a daily battle STILL (do you want to hear more about it? I figure no one wants to know THAT much detail but hey if the info could help a momma out there that feels like she's going to lose her mind then I'm all for it) anyways, I thought we could handle it, turns out we could, but that it was just ridiculously stressful for the both of us. All of our trips out were 30 minutes or less for the most part, by some miracle she made it 3 hours at the beach??? but we did our best to enjoy the happy moments that we could. We sure do love our family and getting to spend two weeks with them was such a treat. Thanks for having us California!