Sep 29, 2014

DIY "IT'S OK" Banner

I have been seeing these cute banners EVERYWHERE and of course they are so expensive so I decided to make my own. Here's a tutorial to make your own, I also made you a video so that you could have a visual of how to make it (for some reason seeing things makes it so much easier for me) Enjoy!
1/2 yard cream fabric
1 wooden dowel
1/4 yard black felt
sewing machine
black and cream thread
string to hang banner


  1. Love this! It's so easy and cheap - right up my alley! I'd love to put words on both sides so it could be reversible!

  2. I've been wanting one of these banners so bad but yeah, SO expensive!! Thanks for this!

  3. Hey, it's kind of not cool to make a "DIY" for someone else's creation. I find your video a bit insulting actually.

  4. @Ashley Brown
    Ashley, it wasn't intended at all intended to be insulting. I do these DIY's not to rip off one artist but when I see them being mass produced EVERYWHERE. Multiple stores provide them, multiple etsy stores make them (which is why there is a lack of a source because who would I chose to use as the source, I have no idea who the original maker of these banners is). At that point I do feel comfortable with producing a diy for this banner, as have many other people as well. Once again I'm sorry that you felt this was insulting you, I would be happy to list you as a source if you indeed are the original creator of this style (I genuinely don't know who is) and would love to add your link so that those not wanting to make one can buy yours. Please let me know:)

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks for responding! Sorry if my comment was a bit harsh... I found your video at 1 in the morning after a very long day, and it was upsetting. The thing is, I am the creator of the It's Ok banner, they are not "mass produced everywhere". I personally make every single one by hand, I just happen to wholesale with a number of shops. There are lots of people making similar banners on Etsy now, but this is my design. It's just insulting to have someone talk about my pricing and say how "easy and cheap" it is to make yourself. It's "easy" because I already designed it for you. I took all of the guesswork out of it. Even the sizing was obviously taken directly from my product listing. I understand that with posting anything on the internet, this is bound to happen... I just always feel like there needs to be more sourcing because it's not a big box company making these things. It's one individual person. Sorry to ramble on! It's just something I feel strongly about! Whether it's my work in question or someone else's. I hope this makes sense. I really appreciate you responding open and honestly.

  6. @Ashley Brown I didn't know that all of these banners were coming from one place, from a shoppers perspective it looks like stores are just reproducing a popular item. Knowing that now I will absolutely post you as a source! What I should have articulated in the video, and obviously didn't do well (:)) was that being "easy" does not mean that it was not time consuming, and of course you should be paid for all of the time you put into each one! It was easy for me because I am a seamstress, it's what I do, but whew all of that edge stitching can definitely be challenging:) it's funny because after making it I joked to my husband that I should have just bought one because of how long it took. Joking aside, you have designed a beautiful product, and I'm happy to link you as the source.

  7. You can't be insulted when your supply doesn't meet demand. Either mass produce or be ok with alternatives. Her store is always sold out. #itsok

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  9. Can you give us an approx. size for the letters?