Oct 24, 2014

Fall Makeup Tutorial

I don't know about you but I totally get in makeup ruts where I do the same makeup over and over and over again, so I switched it up with a new fall makeup look. It has rich fall tones on the eyes and a classy matte face. Sit back with some nice apple cider (I promise it will make the video even better) and enjoy!


  1. Sarah, you are the most adorable, fun person to watch on video! It's like having a real-life conversation with you! Plus, this make up look is brilliant for Fall :)
    I think you could rock shorter locks (if you wanted to) although I feel like everyone cuts their hair after having a baby - why is this? (I mean aside from shorter hair often being less maintenance, and longer hair being a pulling hazard with young ones).

  2. Looks so pretty Sarah! I have not done too much contouring yet, I feel too pale to do it but this made me a little motivated to try it. I also loved your hushed voice introducing the NARS blush, hehe!

  3. i love it! :)