Oct 15, 2014

VLOG| A Day At The Zoo

My noodle got to noodling and I thought, what really do I want to get out of blogging? Besides of course all of you amazing people that I get to meet I've come to one solid conclusion. I want to have something that I can look at and think, Hey I remember that time! And wasn't it beautiful/terrible/the best/worst thing ever! So well one thing led to another and well vlogging just kind of happened, There's just nothing better than a video to capture the actual moments themselves. So the vlogs will obviously just be about my life and what's going on with the likes of us, and I have no clue how often I'll do them, but we'd love to have you come with us too!

1 comment :

  1. She is such a beautiful girl! Good job making that little one. And your hair looks gorgeous!