Nov 17, 2014

How Sarah Got Her Groove Back

I'm wearing: scarf: No Two Fish  sweater: Target     jeans: Mother   shoes: Call It Spring
Jocelyn's wearing: jeans:Target  Coat: Baby Zara   hat: Baby Zara   shoes: Freshly Picked

The other night I was texting my friend outfit know those times that you just need a second opinion on your crazy-a outfits that are fugly and you just need someone to tell you to never wear that again. Anyways, I was sending her pictures of said ugly outfit and joking about how I needed to go back to my fashion blogging because I was losing any sense of style I once had. She told me that if I do, I needed to name it How Sarah Got Her Groove Back. And besides the fact that it is a brilliant name, thanks April:) I realized that it was so true, I desperately need to get my groove back. I had a baby, wore nothing but shirts with spit up on them and leggings for like six months and felt like junk, partly because I looked like junk and partly because I am still struggling to figure out my self worth in all of this motherhood/giving everything you have to someone else and forgetting you even exist/isolation chamber business. Long story short, I don't want to feel like junk anymore, and while I need to focus on the deeper issue WAY more, dressing nice is my shallow way to help me on my path. And I'm cool with that. So fashion blogging is back, I have no idea how often, but it's officially back...and Sarah is indeed getting her groove back and also speaking in the third person right now.
Also. Video of said clothes because YouTube is my addiction!!

Nov 9, 2014

Empty Products #1

It's time to go through all of the beauty products that I've emptied out lately! I have some serious keepers in this pile!