Nov 9, 2014

Empty Products #1

It's time to go through all of the beauty products that I've emptied out lately! I have some serious keepers in this pile!


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed the deodorant because I am forever on the lookout to find one that doesn't get a little funky at the end of the day (no, you are not alone! :D) My empty that I am most sad about is Benefit's "It's Potent" eye cream. It really does help with my under eye circles and gives a nice layer of moisture before I put on my foundation. I am a total cheapskate when it comes to beauty products, so paying $34 for it kind of makes me cry. That being said, a soon-to-be empty is theBalm's "Hot Mama shadow and blush all-in-one." I think it's pretty much a universally flattering shade and it makes my cheeks nice and glowy. It will set you back about $20, but it has lasted me forever AND the case is magnetic and won't break! ;)

  2. I am also so glad you reviewed deodorant because every time I go to purchase some, I stand in the deodorant aisle, staring at all the options, paralyzed by FEAR that I could possibly purchase one that won't keep the smell at bay, therefor ending my life in embarrassment... then I leave the store without any and continue to use my husband's Old Spice (TMI? Sorry!) I'm ready to not smell like a man.
    If you're looking for a great moisturizer (that's a bit more cost-effective than the amazing one you were using!) try Lush's Celestial face cream. It's handmade and all natural and I love! I think it runs around $25 USD but it lasts for quite some time. I have super dry skin (especially in the winter) so this moisturizer is ah-mazing, but Lush has so many options for great moisturizers depending on your skin type :)

  3. I am SO in love with that Ole Henrikson serum. I bought two sets at TJ Maxx before we flew home to Japan and I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out! It's so much more expensive to order online. But honestly, it has changed my face. I don't have to use near as much moisturizer either.