Jan 29, 2015

90's Where Art Thou

top: OASAP (buy it here)  jeans: H&M  boots: Steve Madden  Jacket: Nordstrom Rack

There's just nothing like a statement top that screams "Oh 90's where art thou?!"
Is it so wrong that I have been staring at acid wash jean jackets and just drooooooling.
I blame it all on Kylie Jenner, I'm not sure exactly why but I tell you what Kyie, I've got my eyes on ya.

Jan 5, 2015

Our Christmas Break

Just a quick video of some of our Christmas break. I really can't believe the things Joc picks up overnight. While we were on vacation she learned how to clap and climb on things AND miraculously got over her stranger danger. Can we just sloooowwwww this girl down for a second?? I hope you all had a great Christmas, it does wonders for the soul to be surrounded by friends and family, I know it did wonders for mine.
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Jan 3, 2015

Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial 2 Ways

My sister came into town for the Christmas break and if anyone loves makeup as much as I do it's her, so I mean we pretty much had to make a video together. Here's how we each do our everyday makeup!