Feb 8, 2015

Family Pictures

It's about dang time we had family pictures taken. Over Christmas break we had family pictures taken by a friend of mine, Jocelyn had just gotten really fast at crawling and learned to clap just a few days before so it was so sweet to have pictures of this stage in particular. I keep just wanting to freeze her (and then she has a cranky day and I'm like, nah it's cool time, keep on trucking). I'm so glad that we have pictures of her in this stage though, she's kind of the bees knees right now.

Feb 7, 2015

Celebrity Style| Queen Bae

top: Boohoo.com (buy it here)  skirt: Boohoo.com (buy it here)  shoes: Boohoo.com (buy it here) Necklace: Boohoo.com (buy it here)

So Boohoo.com approached me about recreating a fave celebrities' style with some of their clothes and I thought it was such a fun idea! To me celebrity style can seem really unattainable and intimidating, but there are always ways to get around the name brands and still create the same look! Anyways, I give you me Beyoncified/Baeed/Queened what have you. Can I just say this was such a fun post for me to make for you guys. I even got so into it that I decided to make a outfit video with hmmmhmmm a few or two/too many dance moves in there. Watch it at your own risk...actually I'm kind of hoping you don't watch it because it's pretty mortifying.

Celebrity Style With Boohoo.com | Beyonce from Sarah McCammon on Vimeo.

Feb 2, 2015

Dat Bass

jacket: Old Navy   shirt: ASOS   leggings: H&M  booties: Circus by Same Edeleman hat: H&M  
First, can we all just look at Joc in her one socked-ness and chuckle. Guffahh Guffahh. I mean she looks like she's going to an audition for an 80's movie in this oversized denim black hole. Man I love her.

mmmmm hmmmm. Onto what I really came here to talk about.

I'm finally starting to realize the REAL reasons why I stopped fashion blogging and a lot of it has to do with how much my body has changed after I had a baby. For some reason I had it in my head that after about three months I'd be right back to where I was before I got pregnant, when people told me it took about a year to work the baby weight off I thought that sounded ridiculous. Well, I'm here to tell you I'm an idiot. I'm nowhere near being back to my pre-pregnancy weight and Jocelyn's first birthday is next month. And well, I got to thinking. It's a pretty crap excuse to not do something I love because I wish I was a bit thinner. Not only that but I want to love my body and not be ashamed of it, it gave me Jocelyn! And I just want to hopefully be a help to those of you that feel like they don't have the perfect body but they still need to love their body for the beautiful wonder that it is. So anyways, let's all give our bodies a little bit of love today shall we....that sounded way weirder than I wanted it to.

P.S. I really want to talk a lot more about postpartum weight loss hhhhhmmmm or lack thereof, but I feel like I want to talk about it in a video because there's just so much personal stuff to share on that subject. Would you peeps be interested in talking about that with me?! Anyways, stay tuned.