Apr 12, 2015

Sunday Best| I

dress: JC Penney      shoes: Call It Spring    cardigan: Forever 21 (old)

 Oh the pure joy of wearing Sunday best clothes. There's something so satisfying about it after you've been wearing nothing but t-shirts covered in sticky hand prints and jeans. Add on coming out of winter and getting to wear spring dresses again and whew, there's just nothing like it. 


  1. I'm 17 and live on the East Coast where it's starting to warm up, the only downside is that 1) I don't own many shorts and 2) my shorts don't make me look and feel good. I'm not the skinniest person alive in fact I have quite a bit of a tummy and my thighs aren't that small either. According to some fashion blogs they say high waisted shorts but none of them are modest to my standards. I don't know what to do and I don't want to be baking all season. Any advice?

  2. You look adorable! I'm loving your Spring-y dress!

    have a wonderful weekend!


  3. You are looking very sweet and stylish in this spring season dress!