May 18, 2015

Fashion Dupes

jeans: Boohoo c.o
shoes: Boohoo c/o
flannel: H&M

I always feel like I've somehow cheated the system when I find a good fashion dupe. Seriously though, it hurts when you see basic clothing items attached to big name brands and they have such a painful dollar sign attached to them.
Here's the thing, I've been eyeing these Topshop jeans that are $70, and who isn't eyeing a good clean pair of converse to start the summer in yeah those will run you about $50. But guys. GUYS. I found perfect dupes for them so you won't feel one teensie bit bad when your shoes are gray and trashed by the end of the summer and the holes in your trendy Topshop jeans are craters. These Boohoo items are almost IDENTICAL. Like so identical that it hurts, and they are WAY cheaper. So if your'e looking for a summer uniform to run.into.the.ground all day e'ry day style then this is it. Save yourself some moolah, get these cheap options instead and just mail me the money you saved....yeah yeah okay fine you can skip the last step. You're welcome and also long live the Ramones and the flannel tied around the waist ammmiright!

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