May 20, 2015

I Wore Spanx For This

dress: Stevie Henderson

I saw this online, and the dress of course was being worn by a very thin stunning gal and I was like ooooooh ahhhhhh if I have this dress I will look so teensie weensie in it. I just know it! But you guys, jersey and curves. I mean JERSEY AND CURVES, they hug, oh they hug so good like that person that squeezes you extra tight right when you're trying to let go. Yes, this dress hugs, but it's beautiful. So what, because I'm not a size 0 I can't wear gorgeous stuff, hells to the no. So naturally I stuffed myself like a sausage into some spanx to at least smooth the curves you know what I'm sayin'. And then I called it a day. And also, who cares anyways ya know, the end.


  1. The print and cut of this dress are amazing, and you look BEAUTIFUL in it! Also, I think it's time for me to invest in some spanx (I usually use control top tights for the same effect, and then get pissed that they are comfortable when I am going out to ear in them).
    Hope you're having a great day! xo Hannah

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  2. You look beyond GORGEOUS. WERK.

  3. Jersey and curves literally made me lol. You look gorgeous though and carry it with class! Love the boho hair braid too! Kat xx

  4. You look so amazefest. I hear ya with jersey and curves--any thin, clingy knit and curves--it sticks like nothing else!