May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Hangovers and Yes

jeanst: thrifted and distressed (tutorial here)   tee: Target  flannel: OASAP   shoes: Converse  bag: Kikotik

This outfit is life you guys. It's loose and baggy so I feel super comfortable but for some reason all of the pieces combined make me feel way more trendy and hipster than I actually am. It's fantastic, it makes tricking people into thinking you're something that you're actually not feel GOOD. You'll be seeing these cute Kikotik bags on the site more. I had a really amazing opportunity to do a lookbook and product shoot for Kikotik (did you know I'm a photographer on the side, ci es verdad) and I really feel like these bags go with everything, and the amazing owner of the shop gifted me the bag you see above so yes, new go to.

Hope you guys are having an awesome week, if I know one thing it's that Mother's Day hangovers are real. All that love and attention and chocolate had me ordering people around like I was THEEE queen. Come Monday morning when Joc woke up at six I laid flat on my back in bed raising my fists in the air yelling, "Whhhhhhyyyyyyy can't they worship me everyday!!!" I know, life is rough.


  1. Wow you really styled this outfit well!! You look amazing.
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  2. This is the perfect mom outfit. I absolutely loooove it.

  3. You look fantastic! Your outfit is adorable and you look so happy! Perfect.

    Can I just ask what kind of lipstick you're wearing? I miss wearing lipstick so much, but I have a 2 year old and I give him so many kisses that he starts to look like he has scarlet fever after awhile from the lip prints. Not a good look. Any ideas for a kiss-proof formula that won't make my lips feel like I've been crossing the Sahara?

    1. Kat Von D has tattoo lip least that's what I think they're called. They go on like a lip gloss but become seriously indestructible in about 30 seconds. That would be perfect for you!!

  4. I really love your blog. Your outfits are amazing!

  5. That bag. AH-mazing. And this outfit inspires me.

  6. That bag is so PERFECT. And your little girl is just adorable as can be!