Aug 26, 2015

Come Thrifting at DI with me!!

It's thrifting time again. This time I'm wandering the great Deseret Industries (DI for all the natives:)) to find some back to school goods and I'm dishing out my tips for finding something you'll love!

Aug 9, 2015

More Floral Maxi's

dress: Rosegal  shoes: supa old

Long sleeve floral maxi dresses are my kryptonite. I have yet to see a long sleeved floral maxi that I haven't bought....okay or at least really wanted to buy and then winced when I clicked the close button after adding it to my cart and leaving it there all alone to get self esteem issues. This one though guys, this one is silky and the cobalt and pink had me at hello. It's the kind of dress that makes me need to host a backyard dinner party with twinkle lights, you know what I'm saying. And it's $17, I know I know, I'll come to your backyard dinner party if you need an excuse to buy it:)

Aug 6, 2015

Fall Baby Haul + Sales Going On Right Now!

This time of year is one of the best times of the year to find amazing clothes. What you guys think Black Friday is the best?? Sorry I beg to differ, whenever the seasons change they do some serious mark downs. Here are the deals I found!