Sep 14, 2015

August Favorites: Beauty, Clothes Books and More!

I'm just going to say it. I'm really excited about these August favorites. It's like when someone asks you what kind of music you like and you think you have really good taste and you hope they like ridiculously fantastic music just as much as you do and you just don't want to be scoffed and laughed out of the room...okay so this is way less intense when I really think about it:) Sharing of music is INTIMATE. But seriously, I LOVE all of the favorites this month and am soooo excited to share them with you! Enjoy!


  1. Girl I love your youtube videos! I really need to start vlogging.

    Thanks for sharing your August faves. I really love that dress.

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  2. Nice job keeping your cool!! I love how you say shiz. I say schiesse...which is German for you know what. Anyway, Siena dropped a cup of milk on the floor and said schiesse right away. oops! So I look forward to hearing Joc's expletives in the future. I'm glad the palate is so awesome though! And the texturizing spray. I could have used that when I had short hair.

  3. Also- I want the link to the dress too!