Sep 22, 2015

Eva Jo Rompers & Launch Party

Romper: Eva Jo Rompers    hat: Old Navy    boots: Call It Spring
We need to talk about this glorious piece of floral wonderment on my body that feels like* AND I KID YOU NOT* a snuggie. But let's get more specific because this fabric is just like woah. You know those really really expensive pajamas that are so soft and almost bouncy and somehow they make your butt look all perky and what not because it's just thick enough. You guys. This is what this jumpsuit is made of. I could not recommend a jumpsuit to you more, and girl, I know my jumpsuits. And can we talk about how for all those mamas out there that you can NURSE in this jumpsuit, I KNOW, whole other level. 

One other thing while I'm on this rant. I'm by no means a petite girl, I am a size 12. And jumpsuits are usually enemies to curvier girls. But you guys, this romper has got my back. The sleeves are long enough to where they don't expose of make my arms look bigger. There's a belt over the tummy to hide that extra something something hanging around from last thanksgiving and it really does hug and well not hug in all the right places. I am just obsessed.

Typically their retail for these jumpsuits is $85, but if you get behind their kickstarter here you can get any one for $60:)

Eva Jo happens to be throwing a launch party this Wednesday night (tomorrow) at none other than Club Alison (1644 S State St Provo, UT). It's from 6:30-8:30 and I will be there in this seriously delicious romper getting my donut eating on and I would really love to meet you there. If you're in town PLEASE PLEASE come. Not only would it be so fun to meet you, YES YOU! But it'd be a blast and a half to eat 7 donuts together and let me tramp stamp you at the fake tattoo bar:)


  1. Ok obsessed with this thing! I've always been terrified of rompers just because I'm short and curvy. I may have to give it go ;)

  2. Dang I wish I would have seen this earlier, that romper looks AMAZING.

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  3. This is such a gorgeous outfit. I love your hat!