Oct 26, 2015

DIY Last Minute Thrift Store Halloween Costume

 Every year I hit up my local Deseret Industries to make my own costume, they have an entire area devoted just to Halloween costumes. There is something so fun about going to DI, having no idea what you are going to find and then letting your creativity fly fly away. So this year I wanted to show you a fun costume you can make at home! Pretty much any DI will have all of the items you need to make this Frida Kahlo costume, I went to my DI in Provo, which had a sweet selection, but here's a list of locations so you can find one near you!

Here's what I did for the costume.

1. I hit up the dress section because if DI has anything, it is an abundance of mumu's. Find the craziest most tropical looking mumu there. The crazier the pattern the better!

2. Next head to the flower section, it's usually by the decor and trinket area. Grab any bunch of flowers that matches your dress. I grabbed two bunches so I had a bit of variety. Once you get home cut out each individiually so you can place them in your hair.

3. I couldn't find a stuffed monkey to sew on to my shoulder but do me a solid and check the stuffed animal section for a shoulder monkey because I mean, how freaking perfect would that be.

4. Next up earrings, the bigger the better!

5. Don't forget the shoes, you could go for something easy like my black flats so that trick or treating won't be a nightmare. Or if you're going to a Halloween party find some crazy strappy red heels!

6. Follow THIS TUTORIAL for you hair. And then place the flowers in your hair.

7. For your makeup add a bold red lip and use either brown eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil to get your unibrow on!

I hope you guys enjoy this costume idea! One thing I always remember to do with my costume is donate it once I'm done with it. I know I know it seems super silly. But for some reason I feel like if I donate the one I wore then someone else somewhere will be donating an even sweeter costume for next year ha ha. Is costume karma a thing?? It must be because look at this Frida glory!!


  1. This costume is AMAZING! You look SO good, nice job!!

  2. Awesome costume! Also, I love how you NAILED the Frida stare.