Oct 28, 2015

Fall On Fleek

dress: NJRack      tights: H&M      boots: Call It Spring       necklace: thrifted

When I first saw this dress I was devastated because it sold out SO.DANG.FAST I'm talking so fast I didn't even have time to be like hmmmmm would I like to purchase this??  It's depressing really, it was mid summer and I was seriously in need of an easy going toss over your head and look effortless dress. Well lo and behold it was just restocked and so I slapped on a pair of tights and some booties and hello fall dress. Please go grab one before they sell out again. If you really need an excuse to buy it you can wear it with garland and lights and call your Christmas dress,  crap now I'm legitimately tossing that idea around in my head. A word to the wise, listen to your dear friend Sarah and size down if you so choose to join me in this lovely cotton wonderland I'm living in:)


  1. You look so fly, love your blog!!! Glad to see more of your fashion and fun personality again lately!

  2. Such a cute dress! On sizing down.. what size are you normally and what size did you get? I feel like we are similar in size and was just wondering for a reference. Cutest blog and one of the cutest/funnest girls!

  3. It's so cute, I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets!