Nov 2, 2015

How To: Style A Long Tunic

Long tunics are by far one of my favorite things to wear in the fall because you can pair them with leggings and still look put together, it just takes a bit of styling. Here are my top 3 tips for making tunics look effortless and put together (don't worry I won't tell anyone that it feels like you're still in your jam jams).

1. Mix your flowey girly tunic with something edgy. This tunic from PinkBlush (if you are looking for trendy boutiques online you should definitely check them out, they have a killer maternity section and lots of cute dresses for women) has such a flattering underlay of lace, most long tunics are pretty feminine looking, so pairing it with a moto jacket and some edgier boots can give it a bit more interest.
tunic: PinkBlush (find it here)

3. When in doubt, throw a vest on it. Fur vest, denim vest, sweater vest, something about the contrast of a shorter vest and a longer tunic helps define your waist and keep you from looking like a hot air balloon.
tunic: ShopPinkBlush (find it here)

3. You can totally pull off denim with a long tunic, just make sure they are skinnies. You want to give your body some shape, and the tunic has all the give, so contrast it with some skinny and even cropped jeans. Also, a chunky knit never hurt no one.

tunic: PinkBlush Boutique (find it here)

If you haven't tried out long tunics for fall give it a go. They are so flattering because of their length and ease and because they cover your bum leggings are totally a go! It's a win win no?

{This post was done in collaboration with PinkBlush, a Women's Online Boutique, they provided tunics for me to style but I am not compensated for these posts. Just so we're clear, I always want to keep it real with you girls. These opinions are all my own and I genuinely LOVE these tunics, especially because they can easily be used as maternity tops.}


  1. Love all these looks! Fall fashion is the best.

  2. Sarah, I need your advice! I am in the need of some new jeans. And not just any new jeans, oh no, I am being very particular about these new jeans. I need ultra tight, ultra comfy skinnies. If you're not sure what I'm getting at, check out Hailey Devine's Instagram and you'll see what I mean. I need jeans that don't bunch up around the knees when I wear boots! If you know where a girl can find some of a sista out.

  3. I love the idea of adding something on top of the tunic! I have one and I feel like it just looks weird when I wear it by itself.