Nov 4, 2015

Put A Hat On It

 sweater: JCPenney    gingham blouse: Anthropologie   jeans: Mother   shoes: Target   hat: Old Navy  necklace: H&M

Are you guys tired of seeing this hat yet, because I have no control when it comes to wearing it. It makes all of my outfits look more put together and fall-ish so really ya know who cares if I wear this hat every other day. I'm beginning to feel like I need to find another, perhaps gray, perhaps black. My main requirements are; covers up bed head and doesn't look like a gallon hat. I know it's hard to make the cut these days.


  1. So cute! I always get self concious when I wear hats, but they always look so cute on other people!!

  2. I love this hat and would wear it every day, too. :) Also that gingham shirt layered under your sweater is adorable.

    P.S. I miss you and we should get together sometime. :)