Dec 18, 2015

Pause. And some thoughts.

sweatshirt: JC Penney (similar)

 This sweatshirt tho guys. Heathered grey, baseball style. I had to have it. I couldn't find the exact original, it looks like it sold out pretty fast, but they have a very similar style up on their site that is adorable. And that's it my friends, now you can keep warm and look fantastic this winter.

But let's talk more, I'm not quite ready to let you go just yet. 

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago when I had a student photographer shadow me. It was a really fun experience to get to share the little tips and tricks I've picked up from my experience. But it was also a chance for me to be in front of the camera for once...which duh....does any blogger not like being in front of the camera.

But this was a little bit different because Joc and I just played and partied while she took pictures. Nothing special or fancy, we were both in normal everyday clothes, with sippy cup and blankie in hand. Those are always my favorite moments to capture though, the ones that show what relationships are really like, the ones that show intimate moments, nothing fancy or out of the ordinary just what me and my mini me do all day, play and discover new things.

I need a pause button for this time in my life. Like a physical pause button. I find myself slowing down lately and soaking up these moments because her stages are so fleeting. Right now she wants to discover, sass back to me and cuddle on repeat. Our days are the best, the ones I will look back on and wish for again someday. 

The newborn stage was ridiculously hard for me, I remember sobbing on repeat for no reason and living in a cloud of fog. I had no idea what I was doing, I had this really strange new body that I didn't appreciate yet and I felt like I wasn't even myself anymore. It honestly felt like I was trying to shed my skin or something.

But this. This stage, this part, is exactly what I thought motherhood would be. Where we hit our stride, have a simple but fun routine and we just enjoy each other. I feel so much fulfillment just by taking afternoon walks and cleaning up smashed up play dough, and it sounds so silly and frivilous but guys, I'm molding and shaping this human being now. I'm teaching respect, politeness and love. It can feel heavy, the grandious of it all but it really is so simple. It's tying shoes, it's filling milk cups, it's cuddles, it's teaching please and thank you.

I love it. I've never felt more like myself in my life.

Dec 16, 2015

Sweatshirt Week: Part II

sweatshirt: H&M      bottoms: J Brand        shoes: Call It Spring

Another amazing sweatshirt. This one is super soft and not too thick, it's also extra long which just makes me want to lounge in it ALL DAY LONG.

Sometimes with styling sweatshirts we tend to stay safe with jeans or leggings. But mix the silhouette up a little bit. By adding a flare leg high waisted trouser it once again dressed the sweatshirt up a bit and really pulled the outfit together. Keep your leggings in the drawer and play with patterned, flare or even skirts for your bottom half!

Dec 14, 2015

It's Sweatshirt Weeeeek!

sweatshirt: Etsy (SaBuy)    flannel: Old Navy (similar here)  jeans: Mother Denim   boots: Steve Madden (similar here)   hat: H&M

If you're a t-shirt girl like me, then after summer is over and it's just a bit too cold to wear t-shirts you're dying to be in a cute sweatshirt and jeans. I mean it's a natural progression really, but sweatshirt makes us sound so lazy and homeless. IT'S JUST NOT TRUE PEOPLE! So this week I'm pulling together a collection of sweatshirts that I'm obsessed with and giving you some styling tips. The first this week is the Plants Are Friends sweatshirt from SaBuy, let it be known that I am also coveting this Mama Bear one.

One of my favorite ways to style a sweatshirt is layering it with a flannel. They can add a fun pop of color and make it look a bit more dressy. Guys I'm telling you, sweatshirts and t-shirts, they are the answer to a happy life.

Dec 9, 2015

DIY| Printable Wedding Confetti Bags

After DIY'ing the crap out of my sisters wedding this year I wanted to share with you a couple of the handmade touches as well as some freebies for you to use on your own/friends weddings. These confetti bags were the perfect touch to making the ceremony feel whimsical, and you are guaranteed to be the brides bff after you show her these! You can download the image below! I just printed them out on a blush card stock, filled small paper bags with confetti and then stapled them to the bags! Enjoy!

Dec 7, 2015

Gift Guide ::For Her::

Missguided Premium Double Breasted Long Tailored Coat| These coats are so classic and will be around forever. It is the perfect touch to making a wardrobe more sophisticated
Crackled Metallic Slippers| This is a fun splurge that most women won't buy for themselves but that is so dang fun and functional
Moscow Mule Mug| I mean who wouldn't want to drink out of this, it would be so cute to put a hot chocolate kit in one of these
Crescent Moon Necklace| Yes I want this, and yes please make everything in my life GOLD
Tartelette In Bloom Pallette II| The perfect nude pallette for making really effortless every day looks
Round Face Gold and Leather Watch| Another accessorie that takes outfits to the next level and it is just the right oversized size
Stripe High/Low Tee| I had to share this because I wear this tee constantly and it's $10.80 right now. Another wardrobe staple!
Belif Aqua Bomb Cream| Korean skincare is pretty huge right now and I've heard amazing things about this one. It's definitely on my list this year!
Sam Edelmen Booties| The heel is not too high and not too low and perfect for that girl that wears both brown and black and likes to keep it simple.
Mooreland Dish Towel| Another thing that most women wouldn't buy for themselves but would make our everyday life just a bit more magic, ammmmiright.
Floppy Wool Hat| Yup, it's step up that outfit time again. Perfect for Fall/Winter and Spring and this olive tone will match just about anything
2016 Cities Wall Calendar| If we have to keep track of daily tasks then let's do it in style. I love this whimsical calendar!

Dec 4, 2015


I feel like it takes a while to figure out products that your REALLY love. I feel like I'm finally there, I mean duh I'm always trying new products but right now this routine just makes me happy. Here's a step by step guide of my daily makeup products and routine!
FACE: I rotate between two foundations. The Too Faced when I need full coverage and the Bare Minerals when I want a glowy barely there coverage. Both are total magic. I apply both with a damp beauty blender, which giiiiirrrrrl, I could talk about for days. It's changed my dang life! It's so fast to apply my foundation and there are never any streaks like with brushes! After I apply foundation I apply my concealer under my eyes and on areas I want to highlight again with the beauty blender and then I set my under eye area with the HD Pressed Powder by Makeup Forever. I use the setting spray as the very very last step so don't use it just yet but yes it is also so good, and if spritzing doesn't make you feel fancy schmancy then nothing will!
EYES: After I apply my foundation and concealer I like to let it set for a bit so I do my eye makeup next. This Pro Pallette II has been on repeat for the past couple of months. It is one of my holy grail eye shadow pallettes. I typically start with either my Urban Decay or Mac primer and then apply buff all over the lid and define my crease with whatever suits my fancy that day. Seriously I use every color in this palette, you just can't go wrong. After that I get my wing liner on. The Stila liquid eyeliner is the best in the biz, and so easy that you'll feel like you're using a sharpie.

EYEBROWS: I keep my brows really simple, I've rotated through multiple products and right now I'm loving this. It fills the brows but doesn't make them look heavy. Definitely a keeper, and super affordable.
CONTOUR: You guys, if you contour and haven't tried this palette then go pick it up RIGHT.NOW. It is my all time favorite contour kit. It comes with absolutely everything you need! I typically define and create shadow by mixing the light and deep contour shades with my RT Contour brush and then blend it all together with the medium shade and the multi task brush. If I'm really going for it then I will use the banana powder and the setting brush under my eyes and then use the shimmer highlight on my cheekbones. Who says we can't strobe....right?!

BLUSH: For blush I keep it super simple, when I want a bit of a shimmer I use my Nars duo in orgasm. But man you guys, this Stila blush has kind of stolen the show lately. It has a bit of brown and feels so wintery and classy to me. I can't get enough of it right now! You can just use your finger or a stipling brush to apply these. I always start application on the apples of my cheeks and work outwards.
LIPS: I'm really simple when it comes to lips too, either a no fuss lipstick color or some plain 'ole lip balm. This lip balm from Lush is perfect for the winter when my lips get dry and peely. And the honey scent is soooo good. When I don't want chapstick this Chihuahua liquid lipstick won't budge and is the perfect barely there pink.