Jan 12, 2016

5 Minute Toddler Infinity Scarf

I don't know about you guys but it was impossible for me to find a really cute scarf for a baby/toddler. Most sizes for things like that start around 3t, and I could find a couple of options on etsy but they were all pretty pricey. So here's a $5 and 5 minute baby scarf tutorial for you. If you have no experience with sewing but want to make one of these YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!! It really is that easy and it really does only take 5 minutes

You know those super cheap and really small scarves you find at Forever 21 or even the thrift store, go get one of those. I found a ton for $3.80.... I mean they were tiny and definitely not attractive for adults but they will be perfect for a toddler scarf!

1.^^^ Trim the fringe off of both edges of the scarf.

 2. ^^^Wrap the scarf around your toddlers neck and eyeball where you would like the scarf to hit. Keep your finger where you want the scarf to lay and then measure that amount, add an extra 5/8 of an inch to that measurement and trim your scarf accordingly.

 3. ^^^ Placing right sides together, sew the ends of your scarf together using a 5/8 seam allowance.

 4. ^^^Finish the scarf off but doing a zig zag stitch on the edges of the scarf

You're all done! Fold it right sides out and roll it up how you'd like and you're good to go. Now who's ready to make a million of these in every color with me!!


  1. Aww that is such an adorable DIY! You have a very stylish toddler :)

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  2. This is so darling! Love how you re-purpose items. You're so creative.

  3. Love the snarf! x

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